In her new song, ‘Power Of You,’ Ava Della Pietra encourages you to follow…


In her new song, ‘Power Of You,’ Ava Della Pietra encourages you to follow ‘Your Own Unique Path.’

Ava Della Pietra finds the strength to break away from ‘what others presume’ and others’ influences, and she hopes to inspire you to do the same with her new lovely melody.

At the start of her new song, «power of you,» Ava Della Pietra sings, «What day it will be / when I finally feel free / from what people assume.» The 16-year-old singer-songwriter and Broadway phenomenon grapples with the pressures of others’ expectations in the single, which premieres exclusively on HollywoodLife.

She tackles such difficult subjects with insight beyond her years. In the chorus, she asks, «Will I give up / or can I live up / to the strength of you,» her beautiful voice soaring along with the song’s gorgeous arrangement. Though «power of you» is about dealing with worry and stress caused by other people’s thoughts and influences, it also serves as a reassuring hand on the shoulder, telling you that it’s OK to go your own path as long as you believe in yourself.

Ava tells HollywoodLife, «I’m so pleased to be releasing ‘power of you’ as the first song in a four-track EP.» «‘Power of You’ is about being self-sufficient and forging your own path, free of the effects of others.» My favorite thing in the world is to write music, and I hope my fans enjoy my new songs.»

Ava Della Pietra

It’s astonishing to think that Ava, who is just sixteen years old, is launching her musical career with this song. At the age of four, a multi-instrumentalist who plays bass, guitar, violin, piano, and ukulele began playing and writing.

She was a member of the original cast of Broadway’s School of Rock, as well as national tours of Les Misérables and White Christmas. Ava, on the other hand, was drawn to a different kind of stage, and she felt it was time to carve her own route in the pop world.

In 2019, she began that new adventure with her guitar in hand, releasing the original holiday song «Christmas Tonight.» Despite the fact that the epidemic impeded her rise to the top of the pop world, it couldn’t stop her. She discarded the word «optimist» in 2020.

Last year, she released «Home,» a song inspired by the separation of families at the US-Mexico border. With a keen eye, an open heart, and a spirit determined to use her platform for good, Ava is primed to be a songwriting powerhouse of her time.

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