Julia Fox’s Secret Romance With Drake Ended Before She Met Kanye West


A source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Kanye West was unconcerned about Julia Fox’s affair with Drake.

Julia Fox, 31, isn’t the only rapper she’s dated: the Uncut Gems actress also had a relationship with Drake.

«Drake and Julia went on a number of dates together.

«Kanye was aware of the situation but unconcerned,» a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Given Julia’s background as a model in the fashion industry, it’s no wonder the gorgeous brunette teamed up with the Canadian-born musician.

Julia Fox dated Drake just before COVID.

However, because of COVID, the relationship appeared to be short-lived, resulting in a rekindling with her ex-boyfriend Peter Artemiev. Valentino, the couple’s one-year-old son, celebrated his first birthday on January 17.

«She had to return to NYC due to COVID, and she rekindled her love for her ex-boyfriend Peter.» Despite the fact that Drake [or Peter] didn’t work out, Julia claims Drake was a great gentleman,» the insider stated. Julia and Peter, for example, divorced last year but are still actively co-parenting.

Because of the Degrassi alum’s experience with Kanye, the connection between Drake and Julia raises some eyebrows. Over the years, the two have gone from friends to sparring to friends again, most recently burying the hatchet for a joint Larry Hoover benefit event last December.

Kanye West and Julia Fox attended a fashion show last week.

«Everyone knows Kanye and Drake have reconciled and are in love with one other. «Julia told Kanye that she had previously dated Drake, but it didn’t seem to bother him,» a second person revealed. «Kanye understands that everyone has had previous relationships, and he would never hold it against somebody.»

Drake, who seldom does interviews, delves into what happened with Kanye West on LeBron James’ The Shop in 2018. «He sold me on this entire spiel of like I’m in a fantastic spot, I’m making money, I’m a father, and I want to be Quincy Jones and help you, but you have to be upfront with me, you have to show me your music, and you have to tell me when your dropping,» Drake revealed.

The Toronto native then continued to perform songs from his album Scorpion, as well as disclosing that he had a son named Adonis, who is now four years old and has yet to be revealed to the world.

«I tell him I’m having issues with my son’s mother, Sophie Brussaux,» Drake said. Soon after, Kaye released the track «Lift Yourself,» which included lyrics that were similar to a song Drake had played for him. «In ‘Lift Yourself,’ he just babbles about nothing. Oh, this guy’s toasted, this guy’s mocking me, I thought. Drake added, «This was like a manipulative, I want to break your thing.»

All is well with the hip-hop stars these days, thanks to Kanye’s trip to Toronto to clear the air — and Julia is no longer an issue between them. After meeting barely a month ago in Miami, the Watch The Throne rapper has been publicly flaunting his new relationship, which has already led to dates in New York City, Los Angeles, and, most recently, Paris. When it comes to Julia’s attire, Kanye has pulled out all the stops, combining clothes from Balenciaga and Diesel.