Brad Pitt’s reaction to dating rumors is revealed by Alia Shawkat

Brad Pitt's Reaction To Dating Rumors Is Revealed By Alia Shawkat

Brad Pitt «had no clue» of the rumours that Alia Shawkat and Brad Pitt were dating, according to Alia Shawkat.

In 2019 and 2020, the 32-year-old actress and the 58-year-old actor were seen hanging out together, leading to rumours that they were more than pals.

«[Brad] had no awareness of it at all,» Alia now tells The New Yorker, despite initially denying the rumours.

«Which is quite amusing… ‘You know everyone thinks we’re dating?’ I said. There’s also this entire situation where I’m being followed.’

«And he was like, ‘I’m sorry,'» she says. It happens all the time. It happens if you hang around with me.’ He was completely unaware of it.»

The rumours even reached Alia’s relatives, and she revealed that the media tales made her grandmother happy.

«She’s been in this country for almost thirty years and barely speaks English,» she recounted. A Muslim woman from Iraq.

«She’s sat there, engrossed in her Turkish soap opera.» Next to her is an old gossip magazine with Brad’s photo and a little circle around my face. ‘Brad’s New Girl!’ it says.

«Then there’s old Instagram images of me and buddies having dinner on the inside.» ‘ALL ABOUT ALIA,’ it was like. This whole made-up story about how spending time together was helping us heal.

«I asked my grandmother, ‘Why do you have this?'» she said. ‘It’s you and this movie star!’ she says. It’s your face, too.’ It made me feel humiliated. I told her she had to get rid of it. She also laughed.»

While Alia did not appreciate the attention she received as a result of her friendship with Brad, she was quick to point out that she does not blame him for the misunderstanding.

«There’s something ironic about it,» she added. It has nothing to do with Brad’s character; he’s a fantastic f****** guy.

«Of course, the prospect of my having a love relationship with an older white man attracts the most attention.» A 20-year career isn’t feasible. That’s the thing that irritates me.»

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