Jaclyn Smith, 76, of ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ Reveals Why She Looked So Good In Viral…


Jaclyn Smith, 76, of ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ Reveals Why She Looked So Good In Viral 2021 Photo With Son.

It came from on high! The trendy photo was credited to «great lighting» and «excellent company,» according to the 70s siren.

Jaclyn Smith, 76, has worked in the entertainment world for almost six decades and knows what it takes to get the ideal photo. While the Charlie’s Angels actress has had no shortage of stunning looks, in a new interview with Page Six published on January 26, she revealed how she got to be the focus of her most recent viral post.

Fans went nuts when Jaclyn posted a glowing photo of herself with her son Gaston Richmond, 39, in December 2021. She resembled his sister more than his mother.

«To tell you the truth, it was a fantastic shot.» On-Page Six of the «My Son-Shine!» post, she said, «Right place, right time.» «Luck of the draw,» Jaclyn continued, pointing out how the «great lighting» and the much better company added to the whole effect.

She explained, «I’m with someone I like, my kid, and it was a going-away celebration.» «I’m sure my eyes were glistening with tears because he’s one of the humans I worship.»

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith stuns in a shot from the ’70s.

«I appreciate what that photo says to me,» the actress said to the tabloid. It claims that having a son like him makes me the luckiest lady on the planet. Pictures, as we all know, mirror what’s going on inside of you, and that photo reflected every emotion I was feeling at the time.»

In another part of the interview, Jaclyn reflected on her time on Aaron Spelling’s Charlie’s Angels, telling Page Six that she and her co-stars Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett had a close bond. «The girls were the show’s lifeblood,» she remarked.

«We all got along in the first three, and we were all pals.» Coming from Texas, Farrah and I had a similar background, and Kate was the leader. She’d previously completed a series. We didn’t know what we’d find on the other end because she was the boss at the time.»

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn is seen in a photo from the early 80s with Gaston and his father Tony Richmond.

«I think about my career, but it always comes back to Charlie’s Angels,» Jaclyn stated as she reflected on her time on screen.

The chemistry and the fact that there were three women in the lead roles made it simple; it was not to be over-analyzed. I believe what made it intriguing was how diverse we all were in terms of temperament and appearance, so there was something for everyone.»

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