After the documentary was released, Janet Jackson’s relationship with Michael’s three…


After the documentary was released, Janet Jackson’s relationship with Michael’s three children was revealed.

Janet Jackson has expressed interest in assisting Paris Jackson with a specific aspect of her life since her niece has expressed interest in her new tell-all documentary, which delves deeply into their family’s history.

Janet Jackson, 55, re-entered the spotlight last week with the release of her incredible four-part tell-all documentary on Lifetime and A&E, and her relationship with her late brother Michael Jackson’s three children is now being revealed, despite the fact that it was not mentioned in the four-part special.

According to reports, the adoring aunt has a «great relationship» with Prince Jackson, 24, Paris Jackson, 23, and Blanket Jackson, 19, and communicates with them on a daily basis.

«Janet still has a great relationship with all of the kids and keeps in touch with them all,» a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. «She spent Halloween with them at her mother’s house in Encino, and she is still involved in their lives as any good aunt would be.» Janet is even willing to assist Paris with her singing career if she so desires.»

Janet Jackson, Paris Jackson, Blanket Jackson

Janet Jackson, Paris Jackson, and Blanket Jackson at Michael Jackson’s funeral.

Paris has followed in her father’s footsteps in her career, releasing her own studio album, Wilted, in 2020 and collaborating with a variety of other musicians on other songs.

«Their bond is quite strong,» the source stated. «All of the kids adore her, and she adores them all; the family is quite close-knit.» And Prince is the one who values maintaining family ties the most; he is, without a doubt, the rock that holds it all together. They’re all really happy and close as a family, and they’re always in touch.»

Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson share a special moment at an award show.

Janet’s documentary gave audiences an inside peek into her life, with several of her family members, particularly her brothers, featured prominently.

She also discussed Michael’s surprising and untimely death, as well as their closeness prior to his final years. According to a second source, Paris, who has previously made headlines for purported turmoil with Janet, supports the documentary and was aware of it before its release.

«In terms of Janet’s documentary, Paris is entirely on board and supportive,» the second insider revealed EXCLUSIVELY. «She was aware of it before to its release and thinks it’s fantastic that Janet is sharing her experience.»

Paris and Janet, like every family, have had their ups and downs over the years. But they’re at a fantastic place right now, and Paris is overjoyed for her. Paris would never be against someone speaking their mind, and she admires her for it.»