After Bob Saget’s death, John Stamos makes an adorable video with his…


After Bob Saget’s death, John Stamos makes an adorable video with his 3-year-old son Billy.

As he began reading a bedtime story to his young son, the ‘Full House’ star became crazy with him, making funny noises with him.

You’re just not ready for bed some nights!

On Sunday, January 23, John Stamos tried to get his three-year-old son Billy to sleep, but he wasn’t ready! Before they both started laughing and yelling together, the 58-year-old actor was gently caressing his son. Even though John clearly wanted his son to get some rest, the father and son combination seemed to be having much too much fun together!

Vía @JohnStamos #InstagramStories !! Adorable Billy ❤️ @JohnStamos : The happiest and proudest daddy on earth ! 👏🤗

— Fatima Rodriguez xever JS❤️ (@FatimaR31848618) January 24, 2022

In the heartwarming video, John and Billy were all grinning. Within the video, John typed «My Heart» beneath himself and his son in a short caption. «All right, son, here’s the story: once once a time—,» John began before Billy shouted and John joined in, wide-eyed.

«Come on, I’m trying to tell you a story,» John continued once more, as Billy laughed. He began again, softly rubbing his son’s head, but Billy screamed, and he screamed with him. It was a hilarious and endearing video of the father and his youngster. Maybe they were both suffering from the Sunday Scaries!

The video was released a little over a week after John and his fellow Full House castmates attended the burial of their friend and co-star Bob Saget on Friday, January 14. On Full House, John played Jesse Katsopolis opposite Bob’s Danny Tanner, and he gave a touching eulogy to Bob, even mentioning his son’s question about a photo of Bob and John dressed up in clothes as a tribute to Some Like It Hot. «I pray that Billy will have a friend like Bob did,» John added in his tribute, «and if I see a picture of the two of them in tutus, I’ll know it’s brotherly love.»

John posted a sweet video of him trying to tell his son a bedtime story.

John is undoubtedly a devoted parent who spends as much time as he can with his baby! With a video of his mini-me heading off to his first day of school set to The Beach Boys’ song «When I Grow Up,» the actor said that he was moved by his mini-first me’s day of school back in September. In the caption accompanying the montage, John stated that he was crying.

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