Rue Lashes Out & Reveals Cassie & Nate’s Secret Relationship on ‘Euphoria’ Recap


Rue destroyed bridges with her friends and loved ones as she went through withdrawal during the all-new ‘Euphoria.’ She also revealed Cassie and Nate’s hookups right in front of Maddy.

The February 6 episode of Euphoria starts in the midst of the Bennett household’s pandemonium. Leslie confronts Rue about his drug use once more. Rue lies and claims she’s only growing marijuana. She screams at Gia for talking to their mother. Gia insists she didn’t say anything.

Leslie is well aware that Rue isn’t just a pothead. She is aware of the opiates. Rue continues to lie, but Leslie is aware of the reality. Jules was the one who informed Rue’s mother about everything.

Jules is chastised by Rue

Rue panics when she learns she can’t find the bag with the narcotics. She tries to intimidate her mother by getting in her face. «Rue, you’re not a kind person,» Leslie says. Rue retaliates by accusing Leslie of being a bad mother. Leslie hits Rue and throws her out of Gia’s room when she refuses to stop.

Rue smashes Gia’s door down and starts wrecking her own room. Gia is inconsolably upset. Rue looks for the luggage, but she discovers that Jules, who is seated in the front room with Elliot, flushed all the pills down the toilet.

Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer as Jules.

Rue focuses her gaze on Jules. Rue tells Jules, «You’re f**king dead to me.» «You and me?» she asks, getting right up in Jules’ face. We’re done for the time being. There’s no longer any f**king f**king f**king f**king f**king f** Nothing.

There’s a f**king f**king f**king f Rue goes even further, claiming that meeting Jules was her worst regret in life. Rue refuses to let up as Jules begins to cry. She brings up Jules abandoning her when she most needed her.

Leslie and Gia end up in the car with Rue. Rue is fiercely opposed to Leslie’s plan to take him to rehab. She is so excited that she gets out of her automobile in the middle of a traffic jam. She rushes to Fez but receives no response, so she goes to Lexi’s place.

She requests to use the restroom. She’s obviously going through withdrawal. Lexi and Cassie’s mother make small talk and inquire about her cleanliness. Rue is deceitful. Suze informs Lexi that Rue is not feeling well when he goes to the bathroom. Rue goes on the lookout for narcotics and steals a set of earrings in the process.

Cassie and Nate’s Relationship is Revealed by Rue

Rue sees her mother as she descends the stairs. Leslie makes an attempt to intervene with Rue. Cassie walks in and casually urges her to «take it one day at a time» with her sobriety. Rue asks Cassie how long she’s been hooking up with Nate in front of Maddy at this point. Cassie was seen getting into Nate’s truck, according to Rue.

Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie.

Cassie begins to cry, and Maddy becomes enraged. Maddy confronts Cassie, calling her the most «self-centered, dumb person» she knows.

Rue’s attempt to divert attention away from herself initially succeeds, but Suze and Leslie fight to refocus the situation. Maddy is enraged by the information and pursues Cassie. Rue manages to flee in the thick of the pandemonium.

Fez’s flat is visited by Rue. He catches her looking for narcotics and throws her out right away. Rue has returned to the road. She notices a couple leaving their apartment and enters through their garage door before it closes. Before the pair returns home, she steals some jewels. She tucks herself under the bed.

Something is missing in the woman’s bathroom, so she instructs her lover to get the gun. Rue is discovered under the bed, but she manages to flee before being apprehended.

Meanwhile, Gia and Leslie continue their search for Rue. When Rue runs into cops, they decide to pursue her. Rue survives her second rush into oncoming traffic, but not without causing a collision. To avoid cops, she hides in a trash can.

Rue seeks Laurie’s assistance

Rue eventually ends up at Laurie’s house. Laurie, who swears she’s never been angry in her life, has Rue scared. Laurie narrates her life narrative and how she became hooked in the same monotone voice. Despite her understanding of Rue’s circumstances, she insists on receiving her funds. Rue’s stolen jewelry is not something she wants.

Laurie assists Rue in taking a bath. Rue begs Laurie for any type of medication. For the first time, Laurie administers morphine intravenously to Rue. Rue’s situation had only become worse. The door is locked when Rue wakes up. She is also unable to locate the keys. Laurie and her boyfriend are still sleeping in their bedroom.

Rue enters the bathroom to examine the window. Laurie’s man awakens and goes in search of the noise he heard. Rue, who must be the luckiest person on the planet, manages to jump from the bathroom window to the ground before Laurie’s guy can catch her.

She dashes out of the apartment complex, just as the gate closes behind her. Leslie is back at home, waiting for Rue to return as she makes her millionth escape.