Julia Fox claims she is unconcerned about the ‘attention’ around her relationship…


Julia Fox claims she is unconcerned about the ‘attention’ around her relationship with Kanye West.

During a new episode of her podcast, Julia Fox spoke out against trolls who think she’s dating Kanye West ‘for the money.’

Julia Fox, 31, seems unconcerned about the negative press surrounding her new relationship with Kanye West, 44. In the most recent episode of her podcast, Forbidden Fruits, which was released on Jan. 21, the actress discussed the criticism she’s received and claims that she’s only dating the rapper «for money.» She started talking about how she’s changed since she was an «attention seeker» in her early years, which prompted the comments.

Julia commented during the show, «It’s odd because I’m receiving all of this attention, but I honestly couldn’t care less.» «People say, ‘Oh, you’re just in it for the celebrity, the clout, the money,’ and I say, ‘Oh, you’re only in it for the fame, the clout, the money.’ Let’s keep things real, honey, I’ve dated billionaires my entire adult life.»

Kanye West, Julia Fox

Julia Fox and Kanye West have been getting attention for their new romance.

She went on to say that she is only concerned with making art and «putting things into the world,» not with the negative aspects of being in the spotlight. She said, «Watch my movie, read my book.» «That excites me more than having eyes on me right now.» «I don’t give a damn.»

Julia described a recent meal she and Kanye attended with other celebrities, including Madonna, in addition to the attention she and Kanye had been receiving. «There was a lot going on,» says the narrator. Madonna was in attendance. She stated, «I was supposed to be at a dinner for just Madonna and me… and all of these other celebs crashed.»

Kanye West, Julia Fox

The new lovebirds share a kiss.

Julia’s latest revelations regarding her relationship with Kanye West, which began after they met on New Year’s Eve last month, come just days after the couple made headlines for images and videos uploaded on social media by the model.

In one, she and Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend are seen sharing a hot kiss, while another shows her sitting on his lap while he kisses her on the forehead. Following the kissing video, fans got a glimpse of the paparazzi who had been following them around.

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