Arnold Schwarzenegger is ‘OK’ after a terrifying car accident in which a…


Arnold Schwarzenegger is ‘OK’ after a terrifying car accident in which a woman was injured.

On Jan. 21, Arnold Schwarzenegger was pictured at the scene of an automobile accident near Sunset Boulevard and Allenford in Los Angeles.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 74, is «OK» after a harrowing multi-car accident in which a woman was injured. «He is fine; his sole worry right now is for the woman who was harmed,» a rep for the actor told PEOPLE magazine just hours after the incident on Friday, Jan. 21. Representatives at HollywoodLife have also been contacted for comment.

The accident, which involved Arnold’s Yukon SUV colliding with a red Toyota Prius driven by the wounded woman, was confirmed by HollywoodLife. Officer Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department told HL, «There was a four-car accident today at 4:35 p.m. on the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Allenford in Los Angeles.»

«One car rolled on top of another in the crash. On Sunset Blvd. now, that is the lone accident. «No one is suspected of being sent to the hospital,» he said, adding that he «could not offer names» or describe the woman’s injuries in detail.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is seen on Jan. 21, the same day as the collision.

According to TMZ, the woman was bleeding profusely from her head, and an ambulance was dispatched to take her to a nearby hospital. They also mentioned that Arnold was eager to contact and check on the woman as soon as he was given permission.

Arnold’s Yukon SUV’s airbags were deployed during the accident with the Prius. Following the collision, his automobile slid onto the Prius before flipping and rolling onto a Porsche Cayenne SUV. Arnold was spotted on Friday afternoon near the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Allenford Avenue, on the border of the Los Angeles districts Brentwood and the Pacific Palisades, talking to other people.

Arnold was initially identified as being engaged by ABC 7 News in Los Angeles, which later aired footage of the automobiles being towed from an aerial view. They also stated that alcohol is not thought to have had a role in the collision, which occurred late in the afternoon.

Arnold’s pal Jake Stansfield, who was the Chairman of the Governor’s Council of Fitness while in office and is also known as «Body By Jake,» was present during the accident, according to TMZ.

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