In the middle of the Kanye West romance, Julia Fox discusses how she feels…


In the middle of the Kanye West romance, Julia Fox discusses how she feels about her style being compared to Kim Kardashian’s.

Julia Fox, Kanye West’s girlfriend, believes that flattery comes in many forms.

Julia Fox, Kanye West’s new girlfriend, is unconcerned by charges that she is mimicking Kim Kardashian’s style. Julia’s buddy told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the New York socialite «soaks it up» that people think she’s copying the 41-year-old millionaire beauty. «All Julia wants to do is make Kanye happy,» they explained.

Kanye, 44, took Julia to Paris for Paris Haute Couture Week this past weekend, as fans of the Kardashian-West saga know. They went to a lot of fashion shows together. Julia donned the same Balenciaga mirror boots that Kim is famous for on Saturday, January 22! Despite the fact that Julia recently wore the same dress as Kim, as seen below on Julia’s Instagram, a second insider told us that Julia «is no copycat!»

The insider told HollywoodLife, «She is her own accomplished woman.» «Julia is aware of the implications of dating Kanye and the inevitable comparisons that will be made. Kanye is attracted to her because she is a powerful woman who gets things done. She’s not worried about the outside noise, and she’s excited to see what Kanye can accomplish in the future.»

Julia Fox Kim Kardashian

Julia Fox (R) wore a sheer black jumpsuit at GQ’s Men of the Year Awards in 2019. That same year, Kim Kardashian (R) wore the exact same outfit while attending John Legends’ 40th birthday party in LA.

So, how does Kanye feel about being likened to his soon-to-be ex-wife by his current lady love? «Kanye is more open with Julia on purpose,» the person added, adding that he doesn’t appear to mind her talking about their connection.

Julia, it appears, doesn’t either! «Any unfavorable attention does not bother her,» the person stated. «Julia is enthralled by it all. She and Kanye get along swimmingly.»

Julia Fox Kim Kardashian

Juila Fox (L) wore a Balenciaga top with leather boots while out in NYC on January 4, 2022. Kim Kardashian (R) wore the same boots and a similar ensemble a few months prior in LA on November 21, 2021.