After the Las Vegas show drama, Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul has been «a rock…


After the Las Vegas show drama, Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul has been «a rock» for her: «She’s Leaning On Him.»

‘They are going to right the ship together,’ says Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul, who has been «there 100 percent» for her since her canceled Las Vegas gig.

He’s being gentle with her! After Adele, 33, announced the postponement of her much-anticipated Vegas residency with tears in her eyes, speculation arose about where boyfriend Rich Paul, 40, stood in the matter.

Adele clapped back on Instagram after The Sun reported that she was in Beverly Hills seeking to ‘repair’ her strained relationship, saying Rich «sends his love.» Contrary to claims, Adele and Rich’s relationship is stronger than ever, and he’s been her «rock» throughout the «ordeal,» according to HollywoodLife.

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Adele’s boyfriend Rich Paul has reportedly been a “rock” as she works to reschedule her Vegas shows.

Adele was first publicly seen with Klutch Sports CEO Rich in July 2021, when the two attended Game 5 of the NBA Finals in an unexpected power pairing.

Although they work in separate fields, they have a love for their profession that has gone into overdrive as Adele seeks to make up with her fans following her cancellation in Vegas.

«They both realize they need to reset and work things out,» our source revealed. «They are not just a love couple, but they are also business partners.» Rich was an «essential puzzle piece» in the construction of the Vegas show, according to the source, and is already looking forward to the future.

«He’s focused on getting her back on stage,» the insider said, «and he wants to see her make up her gigs and even attend The Grammys.»

Despite the fact that HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY learned how dedicated Adele is to making things «right» with fans following the cancellation of her residency, a source close to the singer revealed she’s also learning to rely on Rich.

«Adele is struggling with a lot right now,» the source claimed, «and she’s been depending on Rich as a support system because that’s what people do when they’re going through a difficult time: they lean on the ones they love.»

«Adele feels the allegations about her relationship are completely ludicrous and couldn’t be further from the truth,» says the source. Rich is a «solid guy,» according to the insider, and the couple has a «basic» relationship.

«Rich is a very solid guy, and Adele loves that about him,» the source revealed. «He’s told her that he believes she shouldn’t be so hard on herself and that she should take a step back to think about things and do what she feels is best for her.»

Despite the fact that Adele’s future is uncertain, both sources stated that the couple is supporting each other and working together to make things right. «Adele likes what’s going on, and Rich wants to do it because he loves her,» a person close to Rich said. «They’re going to straighten the ship, and they’re going to do it together.»