After her husband Ladd becomes stuck in an icy pond, Ree Drummond comes…


After her husband Ladd becomes stuck in an icy pond, Ree Drummond comes to his rescue.

He only communicates with one person! After saving her husband Ladd and his truck from an icy pond, Ree Drummond was dubbed the «most capable woman I know» by Ladd.

What is a man if he doesn’t have his «pioneer woman»? Reality actress Ree Drummond, 53, had a little fun with her husband Ladd in a new video posted to her Instagram account after Ree supposedly had to save him and his truck from an icy pond.

Ree, who is famed for her homestyle meals on her Food Network show The Pioneer Woman, demonstrated she’s more than just talk when she declared herself a pioneer, and Ladd even referred to her as the «most capable woman I know.»

Ree films while Ladd drives about their Oklahoma ranch in the video, and Ladd chuckles at himself when Ree sassily presses him to explain how he got stuck in the pond.

According to Ladd, he had been trying to break the ice with his tires and found himself in too deep. Ree joked that she only had «one question,» which was who Ladd had phoned for help when he became stranded in the ice.

What was his response? Of course, he has a wonderful and capable wife. After all, Ree has stood by Ladd’s side in considerably more trying circumstances.

After Ladd fractured his neck while responding to a fire on their family ranch in March 2021, Ree posted a sweet statement to Instagram, underlining how grateful she is that her husband is «here, living, entire,» and «all that good stuff.»

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Ree Drummond sweetly joked with husband Ladd after she rescued him from an icy pond: “There’s only one person he calls.”

Ree and Ladd, who have been married for more than 25 years, are a true team. Alex, 24, Paige, 21, Bryce, 19, Jamar, 19, and Todd, 17, are the five children of the close-knit couple, whose marriage Ree has referred to as a «crazy experience.»

The family dressed up in identical holiday jammies to spend Christmas on Ree and Ladd’s Oklahoma ranch. Ree may have found having her close-knit family to lean on even more vital recently, since her brother Michael Smith unexpectedly died in October 2021 at the age of 54.

«He was seventeen months older than me, my first pal and buddy, and I’m so grateful for almost 50 years of images and memories,» Ree said in a poignant tribute to her «absolutely lovely» older sibling.