Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Plans For The Recently Purchased Staten…


Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Plans For The Recently Purchased Staten Island Ferry Have Been Revealed.

With the yacht, the ‘Saturday Night Live’ star is anxious to make ‘this extraordinary dream of his come true,’ as he and Colin have ‘a lot of ideas.’

Pete Davidson, 28, and his Saturday Night Live co-star Colin Jost, 39, recently purchased a Staten Island Ferry, which raised a lot of eyebrows. In case you missed it, the comedians and comedy club owner Paul Italia won an auction for a decommissioned 277-foot yacht that served as a commuter ferry between Manhattan and Staten Island from 1965 until it was retired in August.

As fans awaited answers as to why the trio paid $280,100 for the yacht, a source informed HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the new owners have huge plans for it.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s plans for their recently purchased Staten Island Ferry were revealed.

«Pete is passionate about his city and has ridden the Staten Island Ferry so many times that it has become an integral part of his life.» As a result, when he learned that one of the Ferry’s was for sale, he had to have it,» the insider added. «He was talking to Colin and some friends about how wonderful it would be if they could rebuild the boat and make it into one of the best restaurants and comedy clubs in New York, if not the world.»

Pete and Colin understood there was «a lot of work to do» after the sale, but they still have «a lot of ideas.» «This will definitely become a thing in a few years, but they took care of the most crucial thing by acquiring the Ferry.» Now they have all of the time in the world to make this incredible dream of his become a reality.»

While the planning stages are underway, the cast of Saturday Night Live opted to make fun of themselves in the most recent edition of the popular sketch comedy show. Alex Moffat’s popular character «Guy Who Just Bought a Boat» presented Pete to the news desk as «Guy Who Just Bought A Ferry» on Weekend Update.

Pete joked, «We’re boat people now, Colin.» «I mean, you’ve always been like that.» You appear to be the owner of the yacht that is rented out for rap videos.» «It’s quite thrilling,» Colin said cynically. «We carefully considered everything.»

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