Jennifer Lopez, 52, Goes Through A Strenuous Full-Body Workout…


Jennifer Lopez, 52, Goes Through A Strenuous Full-Body Workout: «I’m On My Way To A Better Me»

In a new montage video set to her song «On My Way,» the singer gives fans a peek into her tough training routine.

Jennifer Lopez provided some exercise motivation! On Wednesday, January 19, the 52-year-old singer and actress shared an intense exercise video, which you can watch below, in which she demonstrated some of her techniques for remaining in such fantastic shape!

J.Lo looked lovely despite the fact that she was working out hard, and her muscles were completely toned as a result of the activity. Despite the fact that she felt the burn while doing the workout, she appeared to be pleased with herself.

Jennifer Lopez is stunned in a black sports bra and leggings in the new workout video.

The entire video was set to her new song «On My Way,» which she performs alongside Owen Wilson in the upcoming musical romcom Marry Me. Weight training, bicep curls, and rigorous ab workouts were among the routines J.Lo performed in the video.

The singer looked incredible in a matching black sports bra and leggings for her workout. The new song certainly inspired her to push herself in the gym. «On my road to a better me,» she captioned the photo.

Jennifer has been upfront with her followers about what she intends to do in 2022, aside from maintaining her fitness. On January 10, she shared her plans for the new year in a «pensive» Instagram video. She expressed her desire to be the finest version of herself possible. «I want to be the best mother, partner, friend, daughter, sister, boss – person – that I can be,» she stated.

J. Lo stuns in workout clothes.

J.Lo is certainly committed to being the greatest version of herself. She’s also demonstrated her dedication to her boyfriend, Ben Affleck, by being the «greatest partner» she can be. While opening a swag package for the film, she complimented Ben on his performance in the new film The Tender Bar.

«There’s a beautiful scene with Ben and the small child [Daniel Ranieri] in a bowling alley.» Ben portrays his uncle in the film, and they’re both fantastic. «You should see it if you haven’t already,» she said.

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