Xenia Rubinos – “Don’t Put Me In Red”

Xenia Rubinos – “don’t Put Me In Red”

Five singles from Xenia Rubinos’ next album Una Rosa have already been released: “Who Shot Ya?” “Did My Best,” “Cógelo Suave,” “Working All The Time,” and “Sacude.”

And today, she’s releasing “Don’t Put Me In Red,” a Rita Indiana and Rumba-influenced ballad, as the final single before the album’s release next month.

The blazing RED and the more introspective BLUE make up Una Rosa’s two sides. As you might guess, “Don’t Put Me In Red” appears on the latter. Front-of-house lighting engineers always put her in a red light, “as if it was their default red Latina lighting,” according to the song.

Rubinos became so accustomed to this occurrence that she began approaching the lighting engineer prior to her show to discuss it.

Rubinos would remark, “Look, I don’t know anything about stage lighting, so do whatever you want, just please don’t put me in red.”

“At whatever venue or festival we were at, it became a pilgrimage for me to visit the lighting engineer every night after soundcheck and implore them to please not put me in red. It became a routine for me to preserve my stage space, at least as much as I could.”

Xenia Rubinos Don T Put Me In Red

Rubinos continues, “I started to visualize a massive thunderstorm gently rolling over the ocean and unfolding right before my eyes.”

“I knew I wanted to construct a visualizer to capture the impression of something dark and stormy flowing over me, something with hefty explosive feelings like thunder and heavy rain,” says the artist. Listen to “Don’t Put Me In Red” and see the video by Fatblood’s Zoe Fitzgerald below.

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