Who Will Be Given The Helmet From Helmut

Helmut Marko

Late reports say that Helmut Marko isn’t happy with the shows of Sergio Perez and is searching for various alternatives as of now.


The Mexican has driven only 11 races in the Red Bull in which he has got 2 stage in as of recently, one of those stage being his second accomplishment in Formula 1, which was scored in Azerbaijan after his partner Max Verstappen had his tire show and Lewis Hamilton had his ‘brake wizardry’ issue.

His ensuing stage was in France where he came third Place and Max started things out after Red Bull’s masterstroke of an approach and cooperation between the two drivers.

The two crucial requests to consider is that has Perez done what’s important to hold his seat? Additionally, if Perez some way or another turned out to be displaced who may be plunking down? We should go through the decisions and see!

Has Sergio Perez Deserved To Retain His Seat?


Red Bull actually have ceaselessly been changing drivers to find the ‘great group’, they had sorted out some way to find that mixing in Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo. In any case, Daniel picked in 2019 to leave Red Bull for Renault inferring that Helmut was left with a seat and a driver expected to fill it.

Since Ricciardo’s flight, they had assessed Pierre Gasly, Alex Albon, and Sergio Perez. In which they have all been seen as vain and not offering enough to the gathering by Helmut Marko.

Pierre Gasly’s time at Red Bull was really short, he had simply supervised 12 Races in the Red Bull in the 2019 season preceding being replaced by Alex Albon. Pierre in his underlying 12 races didn’t score a stage and his best total the most common way of being fourth at Silverstone. He scored an amount of 63 concentrations before Helmut had enough and they assessed Alex Albon for the remainder of the period.

As for Alex, he was given a lot of extra time in the Red Bull seat interestingly, with Gasly. He had the extra of the 2019 season and the entire of the 2020 season to show his worth to the gathering. In the 2019 season, he battled in 9 races in which he scored a total of 76 centers, as of now he was showing that he had some capacity and Red Bull should consider him a very strong driver, which they did.

Nevertheless, in the going with season, Alex Albon’s show was disillusioning. All through the entire season, Alex had recently sorted out some way to score 2 stage while his associate scored 11 stage and 2 race wins.

Red Bull was really confused with Alex and stamped Sergio Perez as he took off in various ways from Racing Point, as of now named as Aston Martin, Perez had been superseded by Sebastian Vettel which had left him with no seat. The solitary seat that was available was Red Bull, hence passing by his presentations in the season Helmut permitted him the chance.

Sergio Perez so far this season has got 2 stages, suggesting that he has successfully planned with Albon’s foundation check. Alex scored 105 concentrations in the 2020 season in 17 races, and Perez has scored 104 concentrations in 11 races so far this season. So in assessment, Perez is performing clearly better than Albon and Gasly did at their events at the gathering.

Inferring that if you pass by the subtleties it would be a bit fanatic of Helmut to as of now markdown Sergio and start looking for decisions. The Mexican’s understanding runs out around the completion of the period so Red Bull will make the decision expecting they need to keep him or not. Perez’s seat could be picked by his show in the second half of the period.

On the off chance that he some way or another ended up having a good second half and help Red With bulling win the constructor title. Helmut Marko ought to consider Sergio Perez the ideal associate for Max Verstappen and a couple that may really win more titles later on.

Who Could Fill The Red Bull Seat?


This season so far has been a crazy season with driver move reports zipping around all over and could maybe see a significant change around with the F1 driver arrangements.

One Red Bull seat is currently sorted out with Max Verstappen being at the gathering basically till 2023, yet the major request is who will be contiguous him?

One tattle that seemed to stow away around for quite a while was that Red Bull was excited about George Russell, regardless, Russell himself at Silverstone avowed that he would be driving for a vehicle that had a Mercedes Engine, so that blocks him for the Red Bull seat.

Similarly, as Russell, it was said that Pierre Gasly could be returning to Red Bull, as his construction has improved enormously since he was minimized to Alpha Tauri.

The single issue with this is that Helmut Marko is genuinely not a significant aficionado of Pierre Gasly and has no allurement of bringing him back after his first spell. Grievously this importance the Frenchman is fundamentally overseen out of the condition with the exception of in the event that he would be used as a last resort.

Another driver that Red Bull should think about is Liam Lawson. Liam is correct now a F2 driver who is sat in eighth spot in the driver’s title and has been in struggle for a F1 seat for quite a while. Lawson has shown his aptitude, again and again, reliably and is ceaselessly dealing with his driving in F2.

Red Bull at last might have to pull the trigger and move him into F1 before another gathering gets him and they lose a driver that has an uncommon proportion of capacity.

Beside those names, Red Bull have kept the entire driver move line-up on the low attempting to dumbfound bunches in the decision they make for the next year. Suggesting that it is difficult to say who will drive in the Red Bull seat next season and that all we know is achieves the second half of the period will play a central point in who will be driving.

We ought to just pause for a moment and watch what Helmut will do, will he make the famous driver change? Of course, stay with Sergio?

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