Who determines your worth?

I stepped on the scale and closed my eyes. “Please move,” I demanded. “Down. Move down.”

The dreadful, tormenting gadget blinked as quickly as, twice … and thus, the hopes of consuming nothing nevertheless salads and protein went down the drain.


Let me inform you — of the entire curses humanity inherited from Adam and Eve’s fall, hormones are literally among the many many most annoying ones. If you are a lady, they torment you from puberty to your early 60s, give or take. That’s just about half a century of ups and downs of emotions, energy, and, to many individuals, weight fluctuations.

I stepped down from the scale, determined to stay the course of my journey. I positioned on sneakers and train clothes and went outdoor for my morning stroll. While climbing the first steep hill, an inventory of the sooner week ran by my ideas: I caught to my consuming program and exercised 3 occasions that week. I drank a great deal of water and slept successfully. Yet, my metabolism seems to have slowed proper right down to a stop.

“Hormones,” I believed. “I hate hormones.” Frustration constructed up as my legs marched in direction of the best of the hill. That’s when that Still Small Voice interrupted my tirade:

“Give Thanks … and open your eyes to see what I see.”

As the uphill journey turned an increasing number of sturdy with each step, God shifted my concepts from the pettiness of my complaints to the mountains I climbed by faith and the assorted valleys I crossed.

I remembered how not means again, my legs would not have had the ability to face, lots a lot much less run, as various well-being points and surgical procedures made it inconceivable to maneuver at a fast tempo for a couple of years.

I remembered my buddy’s husband, who presently struggles with terminal most cancers, and the best way I am sure he wants he had the ability to climb a hill.

I remembered that the equivalent hormones that presently fluctuate inside my physique made it doable to conceive our invaluable daughters, whereas so many women battle with infertility day-to-day.

As the best of the hill approached, my coronary coronary heart’s angle started shifting whereas an image popped in my ideas: the life-giving message printed on a stunning canvas costly buddy gave me for my birthday this 12 months. The phrases, penned by King David in Psalm 139, present a poignant invitation to shift our perspective from what we see inside the mirror to what God sees when he appears at us:

“For You formed my inward parts; you wove me in my mother’s womb. I will give thanks to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works, and my soul knows it very well.”

As I repented from my shallow viewpoint, God crammed me with thanksgiving and reward. And so, I thanked him for legs which might be most likely not as muscular as they as quickly as had been, nevertheless, which might be really healthful and ample to carry me all by my days. I thanked him because of, irrespective of how lots I weigh or what variety of new wrinkles current upon my face as a result of the years go by, God sees me as fantastically, skillfully, and splendidly made.

We are beautiful — not because the world says so, the mirror agrees, or the scale confirms. We are beautiful because we’re made in God’s image and elegantly crafted by an omnipotent God.

As the one-mile stroll up and down the hills reached the lake in my subdivision, one in every of my favorite worship songs by Lauren Daigle started participating in. In this impressed music, Daigle calls us to fight the voices in our minds that say we’re not ample, by reminding ourselves of whom God says we’re. The phrases pierced my coronary coronary heart as a journey to blow off steam from my irritating experience with the scale that morning became reward:

“The only thing that matters now is everything you think of me. In you I find my worth, in you, I find my identity.”

Patricia Holbrook is a columnist, creator, blogger, and worldwide speaker. Visit her website online www.soaringwithHim.com. For speaking engagements and suggestions, electronic message pholbrook@soaringwithHim.com

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