Which Disney character are you? This Instagram filter tells you

Think you’re further Cinderella than Ursula? This Instagram filter may beg to fluctuate.

Created by Instagram shopper @arnopartissimo, it asks the question, “Which Disney are you?” after which assigns what Disney character you most share traits with. The outcomes are primarily based totally on, properly, apparently nothing, since they seem as random as a spin of the wheel on “Wheel of Fortune.”

When an Instagram shopper takes a selfie video using the filter, a multitude of Disney characters — harking back to Olaf from “Frozen,” Cinderella, Captain Hook, and Simba — whiz by in an oval above one’s head sooner than deciding on a Disney character’s face. (To uncover your Disney character on Instagram, prospects can go to @arnopartissimo’s profile, scroll to his filters, click on the Disney icon and click on on the “Try it” button when prompted, after which keep the on-screen button to make a video.)

Some prospects have been seemingly glad about their outcomes. One pleasantly surprising fan, posting to Twitter, landed on well-muscled Hercules whereas chomping on what appeared to be a piece of toast, whereas one different launched, “Yeessss, queen!” after getting nasty witch Maleficent of “Sleeping Beauty” fame. Evil moreover obtained a thumbs-up from Instagram shopper @abigailjenkyns, who permitted her Ursula emoji. Cackling Twitter shopper @MsElleMack commented “When the truth comes out!” when she landed on Ursula. And @Jordanfox88 posted that getting Dory was “probably pretty accurate” as he pursed his lips and crossed his eyes in unison with the blue fish’s image.

Even James Monroe Iglehart — who obtained a 2014 Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for having fun with the Genie in Broadway’s “Aladdin” — gave it a whirl, with a stunning finish outcome.

Other prospects weren’t as happy with their designated doppelgängers. Twitter shopper @hannahroseknowz landed on Quasimodo and muttered, “Are you f–king joking?” in her video. Instagrammer @charles_crispo_zulu tried 3 occasions sooner than a landing on one in every of many warthogs from “The Lion King” and proclaiming, “That’s so rude!”

When you need upon a star, it would really make a distinction who you are.

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