When Conor McGregor received severe backlash for boasting about…


Conor McGregor is frequently in the heart of issues stemming from his various statements and behavior. The Irishman was widely chastised in 2019 after boastfully announcing the cost of two of his favourite things on social media.

Conor McGregor is a man who enjoys living life in style, which is shown not just in his demeanor but also in his clothing choices. Without a doubt, he is one of the best-dressed men in the combat sports sector. McGregor wore luxury fur coats that became the talk of the town on two separate occasions, both of which were pivotal in his career.

The first time occurred in November 2016 during the UFC 205 news conference. Conor McGregor arrived minutes after the event began, dressed in a white fur coat and a red turtleneck.

“Sorry, I’m late, I just don’t give a f*ck,” he waltzed onto the stage, grabbing his opponent Eddie Alvarez’s belt from his seat, and saying, “Sorry, I’m late, I just don’t give a f*ck.”

At the New York pay-per-view, Conor McGregor made history by becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time.

The second occurrence occurred at the press conference for Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather in July 2017. In Brooklyn, he wore a white fur coat identical to this one. Gucci’s signature snake dragon was embroidered on the back of this one.

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In an Instagram post in June 2019, Conor McGregor talked about the cost and rarity of the jackets, which he said were original Gucci mink.

The ‘Notorious’ claimed that the one at UFC 205 cost him $55,000 and the one at the Mayweather press conference cost him $80,000. Both were acquired at the Gucci boutique on Fifth Avenue in New York and are one-of-a-kind because the brand has discontinued all animal-skin garments.

Conor McGregor’s boastful boasts about having animal-skin apparel drew a lot of flak online. It happened as his country’s government was considering plans to phase down fur farming in Ireland.

PETA sent Conor McGregor a letter for his Gucci mink fur coats

PETA, an animal rights organization, weighed in on the debate by writing Conor McGregor an open letter requesting him to surrender the clothing to their fur amnesty program:

“After seeing you promote your fur collection in a recent social media post, I wanted to get in touch in the hope that you’ll consider donating the garments to PETA’s fur amnesty programme and joining the evergrowing list of fur-free stars,” said the letter to Conor McGregor by director of PETA, Elisa Allen.

The letter also included a link to a video showing how minks, foxes, and other animals were handled in fur farms to persuade the Crumlin local.

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