What to know before your first mammogram

If you would have been laying apart scheduling your first mammogram, Breast Cancer Awareness Month appears like the precise time to make that call.

One in eight women throughout the United States will develop breast most cancers all through their lifetimes, in accordance to Susan G. Komen. But survival fees are very extreme when most cancers are discovered at an early stage.

That’s why early detection and remedy is important.

A mammogram, a screening by which your breasts are X-rayed, is the simplest methodology for detecting the early indicators of breast most cancers.

There are fully totally different strategies on when a lady ought to start getting widespread screenings, nonetheless typically, most women ought to have their first mammogram around 45 or 50 years of age. The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a full itemizing of strategies.

What are you ready to anticipate all through your mammogram?

You will seemingly be requested to undress from the waist up (a hospital gown will seemingly be given for you to placed on) and stand within the entrance of an X-ray machine. Then a technologist will place your breasts, one after the opposite, on a plastic plate. A second plate will come down from the machine to flatten your breast in order to seize the easiest images.

Several pictures of each breast taken at fully totally different angles are wished. The flattening of your breast may actually really feel uncomfortable, but it surely absolutely solely lasts for a few minutes.

The American Cancer Society recommends scheduling your mammogram at a time when your breasts often will not be tender or swollen, notably avoiding the week prior to your interval. This will in the reduction of discomfort and improve the images.

If doable, get your mammograms on an analogous facility so that they’re typically merely in distinction from 12 months to 12 months.

Also, your technologist will not find a way to offer you your outcomes immediately. You and your doctor often will receive them inside a variety of weeks.

What is a diagnostic mammogram?

Diagnostic mammograms are carried out when a lady reveals potential most cancers indicators or if a screening mammogram reveals breast modifications.

“More pictures are taken during a diagnostic mammogram with a focus on the area that looked different on the screening mammogram,” according to the American Cancer Society. “In some cases, special images known as spot views or magnification views are used to make a small area of concern easier to see.”

The significance of self-exams

Monthly self-exams are moreover very important components of self-care. Watch out for these indicators:

• A lump throughout the breast or a breast that seems swollen

• Swelling or a lump in your armpits

• Changes throughout the look or texture of the pores and pores and skin or nipple

• Pain throughout the breast

Regardless of your age, should you occur to uncover one factor worrisome all through your breast self-exam, talk about to your doctor about scheduling a mammogram as shortly as doable?

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