What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth and how much does…


Cristiano Ronaldo might have taken a slight compensation cut in trading Juventus for Manchester United, however the Portugal star stays probably the greatest worker in football.

His £13 million (€15m/$18m) move back to the Premier League implies that he should re-change in accordance with the English game, yet it hasn’t adjusted his craving for business.

The Portugal star has too much sponsorship arrangements and undertakings across an assortment of ventures.

Yet, precisely what amount is Ronaldo now worth? It’s hard to say precisely yet what is clear is that he will be immovably among the most generously compensated competitors on the planet for some time yet.


  1. What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth?
  2. What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary?
  3. What sponsorship deals does Cristiano Ronaldo have?
  4. What businesses does Cristiano Ronaldo have?
  5. What charity work does Cristiano Ronaldo do?
  6. How many social-media followers does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s net worth?

Net worth: $500 million (£363m)
Source of wealth: Football contracts, endorsement deals, business investments
Date of Birth: February 5, 1985
Country of birth: Portugal

Ronaldo is accounted for to have a total assets of around $500 million (£363m), yet nobody can truly profess to have an impenetrable thought of what Ronaldo is worth with the exception of his administration organization.

The assessed total assets of Ronaldo is somewhat higher than that of his long-term rival Lionel Messi, however the Argentine has won more rewarding agreements as of late.

Ronaldo was positioned third on Forbes’ 2021 rundown of the most generously compensated competitors on the planet, with income of $120 million (£87m) – $50 million (£36m) of that was accumulated through off-field adventures.

On that event, the Portugal chief was behind UFC warrior Conor McGregor, who bested the rundown, and Messi, who was second.

He was, be that as it may, in front of any semblance of Dak Prescott, LeBron James and Neymar, among others.

What Is Cristiano Ronaldo 039 S Net Worth And How Much Does

What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s salary?

Ronaldo is expected to earn roughly £480,000 per week at Manchester United, or €23m (£19.7m/$27m) – a pay cut from his €30m ($34m/£26m) a year salary at Juventus.

Prior to his switch to Juve, Ronaldo had signed a contract with Real Madrid in November of 2016, which was reported to be around £365,000 a week before bonuses.

The Portugal captain’s contract earnings mean that he is among the most lucratively rewarded footballers in the world.

Timeframe Earnings
Per second €3.071
Per minute €184.3
Per hour €11,057
Per day €88,461
Per week €442,308
Per month €1.96m
Per year €23m

*Based on reported Manchester United salary

What sponsorship deals does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

What Is Cristiano Ronaldo 039 S Net Worth And How Much Does

Ronaldo’s most huge sponsorship bargain is with Nike, which was restored around a similar time he broadened his last Madrid contract.

The concurrence with Nike is supposed to be the second lifetime contract the active apparel monster has given out after it offered comparative terms to three-time NBA champion LeBron James. The Los Angeles Lakers icon’s arrangement has been conjectured to be worth in overabundance of $1 billion altogether, however precisely how that separates year-by-year is left hidden.

Normally, many have expected that Ronaldo has endorsed on a similar premise. However the $1bn figure appears to be uncommon, it is important that sponsorship examiners Hookit assessed that Ronaldo’s online media presence alone merited a unimaginable $474m to Nike in 2016.

Preceding the new understanding, most sources had Ronaldo’s yearly income from Nike at a couple million not as much as his old Madrid compensation.

Past Nike, Ronaldo has had support manages any semblance of Armani, Tag Heuer, Egyptian Steel, Herbalife, Italia Independent, Clear, PokerStars and Castrol.

What businesses does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

What Is Cristiano Ronaldo 039 S Net Worth And How Much Does

Just as addressing various brands, Ronaldo has made his own around the CR7 picture. It is for the most part fixated on his clothing line however has additionally developed to incorporate different other dress, relaxation and home items.

Furthermore, Ronaldo has two lodgings – named Pestana CR7 -in Portugal: one in the capital, Lisbon, and one more in Funchal, his old neighborhood on the island of Madeira. In late 2016, he ventured into rec centers in an association with US wellbeing organization Crunch, with the primary outlet under the ‘CR7 Fitness’ name opened in Madrid.

In March 2019, Ronaldo dispatched a hair relocate clinic in Spain called Insparya. “This task will be a triumph, as we need to help the Spaniards and the Spanish economy,” Ronaldo said at the opening.

Hope to see the 36-year-old grow further into these space as his playing days attract to a nearby, with Michael Jordan demonstrating that the names of the best players hold their worth even after retirement.

What charity work does Cristiano Ronaldo do?

What Is Cristiano Ronaldo 039 S Net Worth And How Much Does

It is uncalled for to say Ronaldo doesn’t endeavor to put a portion of his fortune towards everyone’s benefit – truth be told, in 2015 he was perceived by Dosomething.org as the most magnanimous games star on the planet.

The site acclaimed Ronaldo for utilizing his popularity to advance an assortment of causes including youth yearning, corpulence and biodiversity and featured a $83,000 gift to a 10-year-old fan needing mind a medical procedure just as a $165,000 commitment to a malignancy place in Portugal that treated his mom.

After the 2016 Champions League last, it was accounted for that the ex-Manchester United man trained his representative Jorge Mendes to give his €600,000 win reward to a non-administrative association. Ronaldo has upheld any semblance of UNICEF, World Vision and Save the Children before.

In 2016, Ronaldo recorded a directive for the youngsters influenced by the contention in Syria and made what Save the Children portrayed as a “liberal” gift to their motivation.

How many social media followers does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

What Is Cristiano Ronaldo 039 S Net Worth And How Much Does

As indicated by Hookit, Ronaldo turned into the main competitor to arrive at a consolidated 200 million supporters on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As of the late spring of 2021, his general after across those platforms was 498 million

His Facebook page, specifically, is by a long shot the most well known of any competitor on the stage. Ronaldo has more than 149 million devotees – definitely more than Messi’s 104 million and surprisingly further in front of the top non-footballer, Dwayne Johnson, otherwise called The Rock, who is back on 58 million.

On Instagram, in the mean time, Ronaldo likewise drives the way as the most-followed individual with 335 million supporters. That places him second generally speaking, behind just the authority Instagram account, having ventured out in front of Selena Gomez, The Rock and Ariana Grande.

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