What happened to MLB postseason patch?


MLB teams in the first three rounds of the postseason will not wear playoff patches on their caps for the first time since 2011.

The playoffs decal on every team’s cap has become a fixture of the MLB postseason during the last decade. The patches first appeared during the 2012 playoffs, in games such as the Wild Card, League Division Series, and League Championship Series. Playoff patches were applied to the jerseys the following year, however they were removed by 2019.

According to Chris Creamer of SportsLogos.net, there will be no patches on the jerseys or caps this year, despite the fact that the caps kept their patches through last season’s playoffs. According to Creamer, the patches would be excluded due to chain supply difficulties.

The COVID pandemic is likely keeping postseason patches off MLB caps this year

“Let’s be honest, with the current production and distribution delays around the world, it would be a nightmare trying to get these patches (especially to retail) on the caps and jerseys of all ten Postseason teams — some of which wouldn’t be known until the day before they play and could be eliminated,” he wrote.

Despite the removal of the postseason patches, the two teams who advance to the World Series will continue to wear World Series patches on their helmets and jerseys, as has been the tradition since 1988.

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