What Actually Happened At The Belgium Grand Prix?

Belgium Grand Prix

Belgium Grand Prix at Spa

On the off chance that we return to the start of race end of the week, Friday practice meetings wound up being the most hustling we would see. The conditions on Friday shifted back and forth between dry tires and moderate tires which end up being a troublesome undertaking for the groups to oversee.

In FP1 Valteri Bottas finished off the meeting with Max Verstappen in second and Pierre Gasly in third, in the Friday meetings it was by all accounts that Bottas had extraordinary speed and was really getting more out the vehicle then partner Lewis Hamilton. This was then additionally demonstrated when it was the finish of FP2 as Max guaranteed first, Bottas completed in second with Hamilton completing in third.

Notwithstanding, I can barely comprehend that Bottas’ concentration and attitude would’ve been decreased as he probably was aware the most elevated he could begin the framework for Sundays “race” would be Sixth spot as he had a 5 spot network punishment from the disaster that happened in Hungary.

The Belgium Grand Prix was a race that was loaded with confusion and sudden occasions, just as occasions it additionally two or three records regardless of it being the most un-engaging Grand Prix.

Moreover, in FP3 the standings appeared to change a little as both Red Bull vehicles figured out how to complete first and second, Lewis Hamilton then, at that point finish the best 3 with Bottas finishing off with eleventh.


By and large the overall impression from Friday was that Red Bull had more speed in the wet conditions and Mercedes had more speed in the dry conditions, despite the fact that nobody had the option to exhibit what pace they would have in the race, it might actually be fascinating data to know whether we do at any point have full-wet conditions once more.

Chaotic Qualifying!

I figure we would all be able to concur that the most stunning outcome was that George Russell got his Williams on to the FRONT ROW.

George had said in the wake of Qualifying that his group had concurred on the off chance that they had escaped Q1 it would’ve been astonishing considering the information they had from the training meetings, notwithstanding, presently we as a whole realize that the Williams has crazy potential in the downpour and later on we might actually see this once more.

In Q1 there was some tire issues and disarray, everybody had proceeded to full wet tires separated from the Williams group who quit to go on Intermediates.

Before you knew it everybody had finished their lap and Williams were 1-2, this had clearly changed after some others set their lap yet the two vehicles advanced into Q2, with both Haas’ and Alpha Romeo’s just as Yuki Tsunoda being killed.

Q2 considered late to be as both Mercedes vehicles had not set a sufficient lap to advance into Q3 and it was the withering seconds off the meeting. In any case, Hamilton and Bottas figured out how to pull a lap off that had the option to acquire them into Q3 which we saw both Ferrari’s, Alonso, Stroll and Latifi be taken out.


Continuing on to Q3… well lets simply say it began pretty ineffectively, the climate conditions had gotten and presently the drivers were on full-wet tires and they were grain ready to oversee. We had radios from the drivers saying that there was Aquaplaning on the straights and perceivability was essentially inconceivable, the tires were likewise unquestionably hard to get up to temperature with Gasly detailing his tires were at – 40°C.

Sebastian Vettel was incensed on the Radio that the FIA were not Red-Flagging the meeting as the conditions were to terrible to do Qualifying in. The Red Flag came out anyway not for the explanation anybody needed it to be, Lando Norris had begun his coordinated lap and as he was going through Eau Rough/Raidillon he had a huge shunt into the hindrances which saw the meeting to be defer for quite a while.

Luckily Lando was all acceptable. He had been taken to medical clinic for minds his Elbow and later on it was affirmed by McLaren and himself that he was all acceptable and had the option to race tomorrow.

The remainder of Qualifying was loaded up with unadulterated and utter fervor, towards the finish of Qualifying the drivers went out for their last lap and everybody saw the unforeseen. George Russell had set his lap time and put his Williams on Provisional Pole, with Hamilton then, at that point setting his lap time and going behind Russell the world ejected.

Lamentably, that was brief as Max Verstappen had the option to grab post of Russell yet it was as yet crazy. Everybody was staggered that a Williams would arrange P2 on the lattice for the upcoming race.

The Shortest Race In F1 History…

Unfortunately we were not treated to a race on Sunday, however much we as a whole needed to observe a splendor and masterclass in the downpour, the drivers wellbeing consistently starts things out. The conditions were far to terrible to drive in and somebody genuinely could have harmed which nobody needs. Just as the drivers wellbeing one thing that could’ve been a factor in which why the race was not continued could be the ‘cost-cap’.

Each group so far has had their monetary battles and grumblings which has lead to a ton of dramatization. The last thing the FIA and the groups needed to manage was monetary issues.

Each group has battled with cash this year so perhaps that was a major factor in why the race was not continued.

The FIA had chosen to complete 2 laps under the wellbeing vehicle so they had the option to give out half focuses, this had enormously disillusioned fans as everybody watched the race expecting some activity not only 2 laps under the security vehicle.

Most fans needed the competition to be delayed until tomorrow with the expectation that a race would have the option to happen then, at that point. Nonetheless, the FIA had an alternate thought and just chose to have a 2 lap race and grant half focuses…

As that was the FIA’s choice it implied that the 2021 Belgium Grand Prix was presently the Shortest Race, Slowest Race and the principal ever 100% Safety Car Race in F1 History.

Drivers had their own say on the race as Lewis Hamilton said something saying “Fans ought to be discounted” which I think everybody concurs with, as the fans figure out how to stay there in the heavy storm for over 4 hours they most certainly merit a full discount.

George Russell was a cheerful man as it implied he had the option to score his first since forever platform in F1 as they went of the Qualifying results to decide the last lattice request.

Just as this Lando Norris chose to take a humors outtake on the race when Max was having his meeting and Norris came dependent upon him saying “Incredible race mate, fantastic drive” in which Max reacted “Better believe it was truly intense”. Lando chose to say “I was getting you..” in which the two of them snickered and kept having their meetings.

Generally speaking, it was disillusioning to not observe a race on Sunday however it was too hazardous to even think about hustling, somebody could’ve been shockingly harmed thinking about how the Belgium is famous for its demises and wounds so it was the best that they didn’t drive. Basically we as a whole seen the most astonishing Qualifying of the period and all have elevated requirements for the following race in Zandvoort.

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