Watch: Nick Saban getting roasted for old clip trolling Jimbo…


Nick Saban mocked Jimbo Fisher for thinking Texas A&M could beat Alabama this season, but the Aggies’ head coach had the last laugh.

There isn’t a game that the Alabama Crimson Tide hits the field for that Nick Saban and his team don’t believe they will win. And, to be honest, that comes with a healthy dose of arrogance, which was on full display versus Texas A&M on Saturday night.

Jimbo Fisher, the Aggies’ head coach (and a former Saban assistant), didn’t mince words when talking about playing his former boss and the Crimson Tide this offseason, claiming that they were “going to smash his a**.”

Fisher was, indeed, foreseeing the future. Despite Alabama’s best efforts to recover from a large early deficit, Texas A&M hung on for a huge victory over the nation’s top-ranked squad. After the upset, though, it was Nick Saban’s response to those statements that drew the most attention.

Watch Nick Saban appear silly in retrospect for mocking Jimbo Fisher’s belief that Texas A&M might beat Alabama.

With the help of Twitter’s Freezing Cold Takes, here’s what Saban had to say about Fisher’s comments in the offseason:


— Casey Lenoch (@LenochnessMnstr) October 10, 2021

Saban, in my opinion, ought to be roasted for making that type of remark in that manner. He came across as sarcastic, but Fisher gets the last laugh as the first and only one of his assistants to defeat him thus far.

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