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Q: I recently moved from Iowa. I have to plant a typical pluerry tree, a semi-dwarf pomegranate, plus semi-dwarf cherries and peaches.
Tonya Carroll, Stockbridge

A: It is definitely attainable to have a yard filled with fruit timber and vines in Georgia nevertheless I am not sure your number of fruits will succeed proper right here. In particular, cherries don’t do correctly proper right here due to the fluctuations of winter temperatures. I might not attempt to develop them. It is possible pluerry (plum-cherry hybrid) could succeed nevertheless I’ve no experience with it and it would fall prey to the an identical points as cherry. Note that pluerry desires a pollenizing tree shut by. You is perhaps worthwhile with peaches, nevertheless keep in mind that it’s a must to have a plan for spraying them to forestall sickness and bugs. You can use pure or inorganic sprays nevertheless one factor needs to be used otherwise you’ll not succeed. My web page,, has specific particular person pages devoted to the fruits that do correctly in Georgia, along with fig, muscadine, blueberry, apple, and others.

Q: Is there some choice to take away slug larvae throughout the ground sooner than they start destroying my vegetation? I benefit from beer to kill the grownup ones, however it’s going to get pretty expensive.
Martha Grissom, Cobb County

A: Slugs often overwinter as adults, although there is also numerous eggs throughout the soil too. Your beer traps are perhaps among the finest methods to deal with their numbers. Start early throughout the spring when daytime temperatures are above 50 ranges. If you’d reasonably not use beer, you can too make a reasonable slug attractant by mixing 4 cups of water, 4 tablespoons of flour, a tablespoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of baking yeast. Place three or 4 saucers spherical your flower mattress and fill them with liquid. Check them every couple of days to discard lifeless slugs and former liquid.

Q: I’ve a sloping yard that has developed a gully on one aspect that is laborious to mow. I am having a tree eradicated and shock if I can fill in with the chips, then cowl with filth and plant grass.
Gail Devereaux, e-mail

A: If you fill the gully with chips after which cowl with soil, the wood will decompose and the soil will subside in merely just a few years. The best restore is to fill the gully with soil in 6” increments , packing each one tightly apart from the ultimate 6” layer. You can plant sod or seed throughout the remaining soil layer.

Q: If I buy grass seed now, will the seed be good in October? I might preserve it dry and off the bottom in a shed.
Paul Peters, e-mail

A: Grass seed best retains its germination ability when it is saved in a spot that is every dry and funky. Your shed will in all probability be dry, nevertheless I take into consideration will in all probability be pretty scorching in summer time season. Grass seed naturally loses spherical 10 p.c of its germination ability yearly. Can you retailer the seed in your house the place it’s cooler? Put it in a tightly sealed container so the seed does not take up moisture from the air.

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