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Q: I’ve seen arborvitae in a lot of gorgeous landscapes, nevertheless, it always seems to separate as a result of it grows. Can this be averted? Kathy Bell, Morrow

A: Arborvitae is a superb needled evergreen, nevertheless, it would probably have a problem with splitting. When it occurs close to the best of the plant, this is not a problem. But when the splitting is just some ft away from the underside, the plant will splay outward after an excessive rain or ice storm. The splayed division is troublesome to straighten. Some landscapers use huge inexperienced nylon tape to tug the branches upright. I really feel among the best elements to do is to look at arborvitae every few months to look at for vigorous branches attempting to develop out from the first trunk. It is a simple matter to clip just some inches off the tip and put them once more into place.

Q: I must plant a climbing hydrangea on a wall, nevertheless, I am concerned about how invasive it is. How would you study it to completely different vines? Mike Kleimeyer, Cumming

A: Climbing hydrangea, Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris, simply is not virtually as fast-rising or invasive as kudzu. It will climb bushes and partitions nevertheless in a glossy methodology. When it reaches the height you need, pruning it is easy. In my experience, it may take three to 5 years for it to bloom. It tolerates shade nevertheless it blooms biggest in the sunshine. I observed one which grew in shade for 2 years until it lastly found a tree shut by and commenced to climb. When the best was out of the shade, the vine began blooming. Note that there are two vines generally known as climbing hydrangea. The second one is woodvamp, Decumaria barbara, which is native to Georgia.

Q: I heard you say on the radio that no herbicides will kill bamboo. I’ve had low-cost success killing bamboo by lowering every cane a little bit of above flooring stage, barely under a joint. I then fill the cell, which is now like a cup, with accurately diluted Roundup Extended Control. This course seems to kill as a lot as an sq. yard of bamboo, and it doesn’t seem to hurt shut by worthwhile vegetation. Plenty of days later, you’ll decrease the stumps on the flooring stage. Harry Bolan, email

A: Your method may have a bonus in some situations when you occur to don’t have an extreme quantity of bamboo. But needless to say, Roundup Extended Control accommodates glyphosate plus imazapic, and the second chemical can remaining within the soil as a lot as 4 months. If you don’t intend to plant one thing the place the bamboo was rising, this product may be a good choice, nevertheless, you may have to attend 4 months when you want to safely arrange one different plant.

Q: I’ve fescue grass with some mondo grass mixed in. Will mondo grass, in the end, take over the fescue? Werner Stanek, Lawrenceville

A: The amount of sunshine the realm will get would resolve which plant would win. In affordable to deep shade, it is potential the fescue would skinny out, and the mondo grass would progressively take it over. Conversely, with additional sunshine, the fescue would thrive, and the mondo grass could possibly be slowed significantly.

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