Video Of Houston High School Student Getting ‘JUMPED’ In…


MTO News has learnt that a horrific video purporting to show two Houston high school students taunting and then beating a teenage kid has gone viral.

Now, parents at the school are pleading with school administrators to take action against the alleged bullies.

The violent event occurred at Ross Shaw Sterling Aviation High School in Houston, Texas, according to MTO News. The two pupils, both African Americans, were allegedly bullying the Latino teen, according to social media postings.


Sterling High School, according to MTO News, has had “racial” conflicts between Latino and Black students. It’s unclear whether this alleged attack was motivated by racial animosity.

At lunchtime, the two alleged bullies approached their alleged victim and let him have it.

Autumn Glen, South Park, Crestmont Park, Garden Villas, Wayside, Sterling Lakes [2], King Estates, Edgewood, El Tesoro, Panay Park, Houston Skyscraper Shadows, Gulf Meadows, Airport Gardens, a portion of South Acres Estates, a portion of Minnetex Place, Mykawa, and a portion of Santa Rosa are among the Houston neighborhoods served by the school.

Long Drive Townhomes and Sweetwater Point, two Houston Housing Authority (HHA) public housing projects, also send children to the school.

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