UK man suffered brain hemorrhage after drinking 25 energy drinks

UK man suffered brain hemorrhage after drinking 25 energy drinks

Ask Englishman Nick Mitchell, a divorced dad with three grown children who gulped 25 vitality drinks in six hours and suffered a mind hemorrhage and a sequence of mini-strokes from the caffeine overdose.

Mitchell survived the 23 Pink Bulls and two Monster vitality drinks that he downed in succession throughout a karaoke occasion.

Nick Mitchell suffered a mind hemorrhage and mini-strokes from a caffeine overdose after consuming 25 Pink Bull and Monster vitality drinks in six hours. (Fb)

However eight years later, Mitchell, a 56-year-old mechanic, nonetheless struggles to recollect and pronounce some phrases. He’s campaigning to ban the drinks.

“These drinks practically killed me. I used to be so near demise and thought I won’t make it by way of surgical procedure,” Mitchell advised Metro. “They shouldn’t be bought. They’re as dangerous as medicine and needs to be banned.”

Monster vitality drinks contributed to Nick Mitchell’s mind traumas.

“Caffeine may cause a hyperactivity episode within the mind,” neurologist Mohammed Dashti advised the Mirror. “Too many of those in a brief area of time can result in a fast surge of blood circulate and the narrowing of vessels. This can be a very harmful mixture and may trigger the rupture of a blood vessel that may led to a bleed on the mind or a coronary heart assault.”

A Pink Bull spokesman advised Metro 250 ml can of Pink Bull incorporates 80 mg of caffeine, about the identical as a cup of home-brewed espresso. The European Meals Security Authority has said that caffeine consumption of as much as 400mg per day (5 250 ml cans or 5 cups of espresso) doesn’t increase security considerations for the final wholesome grownup inhabitants.”