UFC Fight Night: Barboza Vs. Chikadze Review

Ufc Fight Night Barboza Vs Chikadze Review

The current week’s portion of UFC Fight Night, highlighting Edson Barboza versus Giga Chikadze, didn’t disillusion.

Just two of the six battles on the primary card took care of business. The others were totally won by stoppage. It was an activity stuffed evening. Right away, we should get into it!

Edson Barboza is known as probably the best striker throughout the entire existence of UFC. He is known for being speedier than his rivals and having the ability to put them on the mat when he associates. On this specific evening, none of that was valid.

During the lead up to the battle, Giga Chikadze expressed that he was out to demonstrate he is the best striker in blended hand to hand fighting. Out striking a man who many consider to be the best is a certain fire approach to offer confidence to his statement.

Through the initial two rounds, it was obvious that Barboza had at last met a rival who could coordinate with his speed and timing. It was likewise certain that Barboza’s force didn’t bother Chikadze. At whatever point Barboza landed, Chikadze ingested the discipline and continued battling.

In cycle three, Chikadze was a man on a mission. He hit Barboza with an overwhelming overhand right that sent him rambling into the enclosure. Thereafter, Chikadze attempted a takedown yet Barboza had the option to move to his feet.

Notwithstanding, Giga stayed persevering and again started to wallop Edson with a torrent of strikes. Barboza watched out on his feet and the ref settled on the right choice to stop the battle. Giga Chikadze will be an awe-inspiring phenomenon for quite a long time to come.


Bryan Battle versus Gilbert Urbina

Bryan Battle and Gilbert Urbina won the option to battle for a UFC contract as middleweight competitors on the unscripted TV drama “The Ultimate Fighter.”

Initially, Battle was scheduled to battle one more challenger from the show. Be that as it may, the warrior had to pull out of the chance because of a physical issue he endured during preparing. Urbina consented to step in as a substitution only ten days before the battle.

In cycle one, Urbina was exceptionally dynamic. He got going the round via handling some amazing strikes; later he scored a tremendous takedown to put an interjection point on the round. Bryan Battle appeared as though a crushed warrior as he strolled back to his corner.

Cycle two was something else altogether. In addition to the fact that battle was forceful from the start of the round, he had the option to finish a job inversion and score his very own takedown. He then, at that point got an exceptionally close strangle hold which constrained Urbina to tap out of the round. With an amazing second round accommodation, Bryan Battle went from being the last contender picked during the unscripted TV drama, to being delegated the victor of his weight class. It simply demonstrates that difficult work and assurance pays off eventually, in any event, when others don’t figure it will.

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Ricky Turcios versus Brady Hiestand

Ricky Turcios and Brady Hiestand won the option to battle for a UFC contract as bantamweight competitors on the unscripted TV drama “The Ultimate Fighter.”

The activity in this battle was constant. Truth be told, it was extreme to the point that in case it wasn’t live it very well may be confused with a battle scene from any of the 1980’s battle themed films. Movies from that decade are infamous for highlighting warriors who put determined exertion into offense with almost no respect for guard. Ricky Turcios and Brady Hiestand fit that portrayal flawlessly.

Turcios plainly needed to win the battle with striking. The informal numbers demonstrate he endeavored 100 strikes in the first round. That number is so over the top, I considered avoiding it with regard to the article since it seems like parody. Actually, he was that forceful. It was mind blowing to watch.

Hiestand was constant too. In spite of the fact that he didn’t strike as frequently as Turcios, he continually applied pressing factor and had the option to score six takedowns thus. Ordinarily, I lean somehow at the decision of a battle. This time, I figured the battle could go in any case.

At last, the adjudicators concluded that Turcios’ third round whirlwind was sufficient to swing the battle in support of himself. He left with a split choice triumph and is the recently delegated “Extreme Fighter Champion” in the bantamweight division. All the more significantly, he presently has an ensured UFC contract.


Kevin Lee versus Daniel Rodriguez

Cycle one was a to and fro issue. Rodriguez began the round with several all around coordinated strikes. In any case, Lee was better with his feet. He had the option to land a colossal kick to Rodriguez’ head prior to scoring a major takedown to end the round.

Rodriguez assumed liability for the battle in the second round. Obviously his southpaw position made things feel off kilter for Lee. While Lee was searching for the right opening to assault, Rodriguez handled an overhand left that landed solidly on Lee’s jaw and left him obviously stunned. Lee was out on his feet and he was fortunate to endure the round.

In cycle three, Rodriguez was much more predominant than he was in cycle two. Lee figured out how to score a takedown as a component of a final desperate attempt to rescue the battle, yet Rodriguez had the option to battle to his feet. Each of the three adjudicators scored the battle the same way; Lee was conceded cycle one and Rodriguez left with adjusts two and three. Daniel Rodriguez is a contender fans should keep their eyes on going ahead. This exhibition should land him in the best 15 when the following UFC rankings come out.

The initial two rounds of this battle went to and fro. Petroski ruled cycle one; Gillmore skiped back pleasantly in cycle two. Going into the third and last round, things were even at one round apeice.

In cycle three, Andre Petroski concluded he would not like to leave his destiny in the appointed authorities’ hands. Subsequent to scoring an early takedown against Gillmore, he remained forceful and set up a predominant hooking positions. He then, at that point continued to wallop his rival with a determined ground and pound assault that left the ref with no decision except for to stop the battle.

This was an extraordinary introduction for Petroski. It was the kind of execution that everything except ensures he will be offered one more opportunity to perform at UFC Fight Night. On the off chance that he keeps on battling at this level, he might turn into a customary at the Apex Center.

Makhmud Muradov versus Gerald Meerschaert

In cycle one, Muradov hurt Meerschaert with very much coordinated striking enhanced by essential kicks. Meerschaert hit Muradov with an incidental cheap shot halfway through the round. When battling continued, Meerschaert had the option to acquire some force via handling two or three remaining gave strikes of his own.

In cycle two, Meerschaert scored an early takedown. He promptly went for the back bare strangle hold, which he was effectively ready to secure. Muradov gave a brave work to get away yet was eventually compelled to tap out. This was the second sequential success by accommodation for Meerschaert. He has energy on his side and could be one to look for in the middleweight division.

Giga Chikadze is an awe-inspiring phenomenon. On the off chance that he had not spent the majority of his vocation aggregating a noteworthy kickboxing record, he would’ve as of now been offered a title chance in the UFC. Fans should gain proficiency with his name and recall it. At only 33 years of age, he isn’t disappearing at any point in the near future.

For any individual who likes unimaginable relentless activity, return and watch Turcios versus Hiestand once more. The battle was really fantastic and the two contenders genuinely merit a series of praise for the work they gave.

UFC Fight Night will return on September fourth when Derek Brunson takes on Darren Till in the headliner. As usual, we’ll have the most recent updates just as inside and out examination accessible here at World In Sport!

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