Trump talks rate hikes and China trade at CPAC 2019

On tariffs, Trump talked about he and China’s President Xi Jinping have a strong relationship and “great respect” for one another.

“How is it possible you got away with this for so long? Because nobody asked us to change,” Trump talked about, noting that China elevated tariffs on U.S. merchandise as a lot as 40 p.c because of nobody ever knowledgeable China to stop. “We should have been doing the same thing to them but we didn’t. It’s hard to believe.”

Saturday has been a yr since Trump made his suggestions that “trade wars are good and easy to win.”

“We’re renegotiating, right now, horrible trade deals. We’re cracking down on countries that cheat and standing up for the American worker for the first time in many, many decades. Our workers have been treated horribly,” Trump talked about, saying days the place companies shut down vegetation in areas like Michigan and Pennsylvania and then switch them to Mexico are “all gone.”

“It’s very hard for a company to fire its 4,000 workers and move to Mexico,” Trump talked about. “They can do it I guess, if they want, but it’s costly. It’s painful. I used to say it’s almost like they’re giving them an incentive to leave our country.”

Trump moreover talked about immigration and suggested that immigrants could assist fill new jobs opening throughout the U.S.

“We’re down to 3.7 percent unemployment, the lowest it’s been in a long time,” he talked about. “I know some people in the room won’t like this. We need workers for these companies. Companies are roaring back into our country and now we want people to come in, we need workers to come in, but they got to come in legally and come in through merit.They have to be people who love our country, not hate our country. Right now we have people in Congress that hate our country.”

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