Tribe Mafia drops new Tiny Desk-inspired video for “Testify”


NPR’s Tiny Desk series has become one of the premier venues for compelling live performances in recent years, resulting in a legion of artists hoping to be included there. Tribe Mafia, a rising vocalist pair from Austin, Texas, felt like they were the right fit for the concert.

They drop into our pages for the first time with their intriguing new live video for “Testify,” looking to establish their prowess.

Tribe Mafia members Dashawn Daniels and Chinasa immediately attract listeners by introducing each member of their band, as well as guest musician Sam Sage, in a fake entry to Tiny Desk.

Starting with energetic piano keys and a great performance from Sage, the band sets their rhythm and begins to highlight their strengths, one of which is their connection.

Each member of the band plays their part expertly, letting the vocalists to focus exclusively on making sure the lyrics pierce through, which touch on the all-too-real subject of giving your heart to someone who doesn’t appreciate it.

While the video began as a submission, it has since taken on a life of its own as an engaging live performance in an era when live performances aren’t as common as they once were. Make sure you watch the video below to learn more about Tribe Mafia.

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