Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman’s Daughter Isabella, 28, Glows In…


Isabella Kidman Cruise shared a new photo of herself on Instagram, looking stunning with dark red hair and a bandanna around her neck.

On September 24, Isabella Kidman Cruise, 28, shared a rare look of herself with her Instagram fans. In a selfie, the daughter of Tom Cruise, 59, and Nicole Kidman, 54, who were married from 1990 until 2001, wore a white graphic shirt and a red bandanna around her neck.

She also flaunted a nose ring and a tattoo on her upper arm while wearing a loose red knit hat over her dark red wavy shoulder-length curls.

The model captioned the photo with just a cowboy hat emoji, but she received a lot of positive feedback, including a lot of praises. One fan said, “The haircut is amazing Bella,” while another described her as a “lovely girl.” A third said her hair was “cute,” and a fourth said she had “glowing skin.” Others complimented her on her “stylish” ensemble.

Isabella also shared a black and white snapshot of herself in February, prior to her most recent selfie. She stood outside in what appeared to be a snowy environment, bundled up in a jacket and scarf. She also wore a knitted cap and gave the camera a serious expression.

Tom Cruise Amp Nicole Kidman S Daughter Isabella 28 Glows In Hellip

Isabella Kidman Cruise during a previous outing.

Isabella, who was adopted by Tom and Nicole after they married, spends her time working on her remarkable artwork when she isn’t taking rare selfies.

She frequently posts vibrant photographs of her art on social media, with subjects ranging from individuals to fictional characters to nature and beyond. She has a devoted following for her talents, selling prints and goods displaying her artwork on her own website.

Connor, Isabella’s 26-year-old brother, similarly avoids the limelight for the most part, but will occasionally share rare photos of himself. He tweeted a photo in April of him and a friend holding up a massive fish they caught during a day of fishing, which he seemed to enjoy. He was all grins while posing for the photo while standing on a boat in the water and flaunting a full beard.

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