The team store sign for the Cleveland Guardians has already been shattered

Look: Cleveland Guardians Team Store Sign Is Already Broken (photo)

The new Cleveland Guardians sign fell and smashed outside of their Progressive Field team store on the morning of their much-anticipated rebranding.

On their first day, the Cleveland Guardians were greeted by an intimidating billboard displaying their new name.

The team’s “Cleveland Guardians” name and logo were installed above the Progressive Field team store, but it fell to the ground, breaking.

“Mess with the roller derby, get the horns,” podcaster Brandon Warne quipped, referring to the recently resolved conflict between the Cleveland Guardians MLB team and the same-named men’s roller derby team.

The Cleveland Guardians’ team store sign has already been shattered.

The sign snapped just hours after the Guardians’ team store opened at 9:00 a.m. to sell merchandise.

This comes after the Guardians’ grand opening was mysteriously postponed until Nov. 19. The Guardians were meant to appear on November 15, but retailers say the release was postponed “without explanation.”

One argument for the sign’s removal, according to Cleveland sports blogger McNeil, is that people opposed to the name change would rather replace the new emblem with Cleveland’s old one.

Whether it’s the roller derby team or enraged Cleveland baseball fans, the smashed sign appears to be an indication that Cleveland baseball is cursed in some way.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Cleveland Guardians new sign goes up at their store on the first day of new branding and immediately collapses.

This era of Cleveland Baseball may actually be cursed. Perhaps they should not have blatantly stolen the name from a Roller Derby team.

— Dan Lust  (@SportsLawLust) November 19, 2021

Despite the setback on Day 1, Cleveland fans queued outside the Progressive Field team store to get their hands on new clothing as soon as it was available.

There’s a long line waiting outside of the Guardians Team Shop for its official opening in two minutes.

Slider is decked out in a suit for the occasion.

— Mandy Bell (@MandyBell02) November 19, 2021

Guardians items will be available at other merchants on Tuesday, Nov. 23 for those who missed the grand opening.

While the sign outside the team store may topple (or be taken off), the Guardians’ new name and logo are prominently displayed on their website and on all social media platforms.

Cleveland is having a bad day, but there’s a reason FanSided’s Cleveland sports blog is dubbed “Factory of Sadness.”

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