‘The Simpsons’ predicted ‘Game of Thrones’ twist in 2017

Nostradamus hasn’t obtained one thing on America’s favorite animated family.

“The Simpsons” precisely predicted how Sunday’s “Game of Thrones” episode would end — methodology once more in 2017.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Season 8 Episode 5,”The Bells.”

In a fantasy-themed specific titled “The Serfsons,” Marge, Homer, Bart and Lisa, all dressed in interval garb, look out upon their metropolis from all through the partitions of a fortress.

“Look,” says Bart, pointing at a pink dragon blowing flames from the sky, “the dragon is burning our village.”

“I love our life,” Homer says.

Of course, the Twitterverse was the first to flashback to this bit of prescient genius.

“The Simpsons predict the future yet again,” tweeted @WurstPunditEver alongside a screenshot of the second.

The second is undeniably close to the fiery destruction of King’s Landing and Red Keep in the most recent episode of HBO’s hit assortment. (Note: The “Game of Thrones” assortment finale airs Sunday at 9 p.m.)

This is method from the first time the FOX assortment has been accused of foreseeing each half from elections to nationwide tragedies. The current, now in its 30th season, can also be credited with beforehand predicting an Olympic gold second, and in a additional chilling event the 9/11 bombings.

Most currently, the current made headlines for taking a dig at upstate New York and starting a feud with Governor Cuomo.

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