‘The Rookie’: [Spoiler] Dies In Heartbreaking Season 4 Premiere


The cast of ‘The Rookie’ has lost one of its original members. In the season 4 premiere, one of the show’s most beloved cops was killed off.

Season 4 of The Rookie began immediately after the season 3 finale. Lopez (Alyssa Diaz) and Jackson (Titus Makin Jr.) had been kidnapped, and it was a team effort to get them back. Unfortunately, one of them died in the first episode.

The fate of Jackson was exposed by security footage of Lopez and Jackson being abducted. Lopez and Jackson were separated and placed in different automobiles. Jackson attempted to fight back but was shot in the back by his captor. He was then shoved into a car’s trunk.

The Rookie Spoiler Dies In Heartbreaking Season 4 Premiere

Titus Makin Jr.’s character Jackson West was killed off.

As they witnessed what happened to Jackson, Lucy (Melissa O’Neil), Nolan (Nathan Fillion), Bradford (Eric Winter), and others watched in terror. As the group invaded a warehouse in pursuit of Lopez, Grey (Richard T. Jones) reported that Jackson had been slain. Even in the midst of their anguish, the Rookie police had to find a way to return Lopez. They went to extraordinary efforts to save her and her unborn child.

After a chase with Lucy, Grey apprehended Armando, the man who killed Jackson. Because of what Armando did to Jackson, Grey stated that a part of him wanted to murder him, but he did the right thing and arrested him.

Lopez reclaimed her authority and killed La Fiera as she made a daring escape. After Lopez gave birth three months later, the show flashed forward three months. Lopez was still hurting over Jackson’s death and went to pay his respects to him in the last seconds of the show.

The Rookie Spoiler Dies In Heartbreaking Season 4 Premiere

Alyssa Diaz as Lopez on ‘The Rookie.

She brought her son with her to Jackson’s visit. “I can’t imagine not seeing your grin or hearing your voice when I walk in.

Maybe by the end of my vacation, I’ll be able to face it,” a tearful Lopez stated at Jackson’s burial. Lopez paid a heartfelt tribute to her fallen buddy by naming her child after him. “Come on, Jackson, you can do it. As she said her goodbyes to Jackson, Lopez said to her kid, “Let’s go home and meet daddy.”

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