‘The Resident’ EP Talks Conrad’s Future, An ‘Explosive’ Reunion &…


Conrad juggles being a father and a doctor in Season 5 of ‘The Resident.’ HL obtained EXCLUSIVE information regarding Nic’s circumstances, Devon and Leela’s friendship, and more from the show’s EP.

Season 5 of The Resident will bring a lot of changes for everyone. Conrad was on daddy and doctor duty in the premiere, while Nic was away at a spa retreat. Devon and Leela couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and the physicians banded together after Chastain’s computers were taken down by a ransomware attack.

Executive producer Andrew Chapman speaks EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about what’s in store for Conrad this season as he battles with work-life balance. In the wake of rumours that Emily VanCamp is departing the show, he spoke out about Nic’s future. Andrew revealed further details regarding Devon and Leela, AJ, and a probable Kit and Bell romance, among other things.

The Resident Ep Talks Conrad S Future An Explosive Reunion Amp Hellip
Conrad and Nic in season 4. 

Conrad is a full-fledged father, but he also has a hard work. What hurdles will he confront as he juggles the demands of both those two important things in his life over the course of season 5?
Andrew Chapman: This is a fantastic query. The entire season is thematically about work-life balance, which is something I think we’ve all been grappling with during the pandemic, when we’ve all been cooped up in our rooms and houses. We can’t go to work because we’re on the phone, so we’re just sitting around. What are we doing, we wonder? What is the future, and why am I working? What is my life’s purpose?

I feel like we’ve been asking ourselves a lot of existential questions, and that’s kind of what we’ll be asking throughout the season. Being a doctor is extremely difficult, time-consuming, and energy-intensive. Despite this, all of our characters have romantic relationships and some have families.

Obviously, Conrad has this child, so we’re going to look at how you combine those things, how Conrad, who is a heroic and skilled diagnostician, is going to save lives while simultaneously devoting himself to his family. It’s quite significant, and we’re going to go right into it, both in a huge soapy manner and in a tiny, very human one. Because I believe it is in the zeitgeist in America right now, I believe this will really resonate with our audience.

We did hear Nic at the very beginning of the episode. She was going off to a spa retreat. Will we see her again this season?
Andrew Chapman: That is something I am unable to discuss. We’re sure to hear from her. She’ll be staying in a spa retreat. She’ll be back soon. That’s all I have to say about it. On that subject, things are a little thorny.

Totally understand. On another note, Devon and Leela are very hot and heavy, as we see in the premiere. Is this honeymoon stage going to last very long?
Andrew Chapman: There will be ups and downs. We really want to make it seem like it has ups and downs. The actress who plays Leela, Anuja [Joshi], is one of our favorites. We believe she appears out of nowhere on the screen. We adore her and Devon’s relationship. But, to go back to the work-life balance issue, how do you have a romantic relationship with a coworker? Is that acceptable? How do you deal with it, particularly as a woman? Devon, who has been there for a while and has been a resident for many years, is slightly superior to her.

She wants to be seen as strong and independent on her own, which may generate problems. That’ll give us some pretty intriguing soap to play with, and we’re interested in going there. So, the only way to know is to wait and see. You will not be let down. We’re not going down without a fight. We’re going to have a lot of fun with it, and we want to stay loyal to the characters, because we think Devon and Leela are both strong-willed, independent people that create a fantastic whole when they’re together, and they’re pretty terrific on their own.

We did see that she’s this really incredible artist. Will we continue to learn more about her as the season goes forward?
Andrew Chapman: Yes. We have a big, fun, very hilarious, amazing surprise for her coming up in a few episodes that no one will see coming and that everyone will love. We’ll learn everything we can about her and her family, including her mother, father, and sister. Leela is one of our favorites. We think she’ll make a fantastic addition to the cast. We’re going to go deep there, and we’re going to be astonished and entertained.

The Resident Ep Talks Conrad S Future An Explosive Reunion Amp Hellip

Billie with Trevor, the son she gave up for adoption. 

Billie’s son is coming into the picture, and we know the actor who’s going to play him. What is that reunion going to look like and how will it impact Billie going forward?
Andrew Chapman: The reunion will take place in the following episode, and it will come as a complete surprise to her. When you find out who is in the show, you will be surprised. You’ll be entertained once more. But Miles Fowler, who portrays Trevor and is Billie’s son, is fantastic. He has a strong grasp on the screen, and the intro is going to be a blast. Their relationship will be extremely difficult to navigate.

Billie is going to take a lot of left turns if someone she put up for adoption reappears in her life when she is genuinely desperate for that person to reappears in her life. Trevor is a rebel.

He pokes the bear all the time, and he doesn’t stop, which is going to be really combustible between the two of them. In a bit of a tease for the future, I’ll say he’ll also create a mentor relationship with another doctor at the hospital. I won’t reveal who, but he will, and they’ll make a fantastic team in the future.

At the end of the episode, there’s a moment between Bell and Kit. There was a look. A lot of people have seen the chemistry between the two of them. There’s just something between them. Is that something that you will explore? Is anything off the table when it comes to Bell and Kit?
Andrew Chapman: Nothing is off limits. They’re definitely fan favorites, in my opinion. They’re simply lovely, respectable, slightly older individuals that demonstrate that you can work and mature in this environment and yet have dignity and authority, as well as be in love. That is a relationship that we adore. Jane Leeves and Bruce Greenwood, by the way, adore working together.

Perhaps I’m just reminiscing, but the Nick and Nora Charles relationship in The Thin Man books and movies, old films from the 1930s and 1940s, was such a sophisticated, amusing, mature pair. That’s something we’re continually thinking about. They’re merely teasing and flirting and exchanging short, funny conversation. We enjoy playing with it, therefore it has a bright future ahead of it.

It sounds like the ultimate will-they-or-won’t-they?
Andrew Chapman: Exactly. And in a fantastic way. This season also has a lot in store for Bell. His character has a lot in store for him. There is a great deal of temptation, as well as a great deal of redemption. We adore Bruce and his character, and we’re excited to play him.

AJ has had a lot of changes in his life over the past season. What can you say about his arc in season 5?
Andrew Chapman: His story will undoubtedly go on from what occurred with Mina. Last season, his mother was sick, and he will continue to look after her in the future. There was obviously a gentler, teddy bear side of AJ when he was dating Mina, but we also adore the growling, slightly conceited Raptor.

We absolutely miss him in that way, as well as his arrogance, superiority, and knowledge. That’s always been entertaining, and it was a fantastic way to introduce the character to begin with. We may return to that in the future, so keep an eye out for him as the goofy figure we’ve come to adore.

The Resident Ep Talks Conrad S Future An Explosive Reunion Amp Hellip
Malcolm-Jamal Warner as AJ. 

Morris Chestnut is currently starring in Our Kind Of People. Will he pop up again in season 5?
Andrew Chapman:
That is still being debated. We’re doing our best to make it work. It’s a little like an inside baseball scheduling snafu. Morris is a favorite of ours. If he doesn’t return in Season 5, we’ll have to wait until Season 6 to see him again since we want him on the program.

He’s a fantastic actor with a strong presence. In fact, he called me right before we started this conversation. ‘Morris, I’ve had to call you back because I’m going to go on presser,’ I said. We’ll figure out a way to bring him back on the show. It’s a little problematic because he’s on the same network as me, so we can’t really do it at the same time. But, by hook or by crook, we’ll bring Morris back into the program.

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