‘The Masked Singer’ New Season 6 Costume: Meet The…


The sixth season of ‘The Masked Singer’ is just around the corner, and HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE look at one of the new costumes: the Skunk!

When the Skunk enters the stage on The Masked Singer, expect a lot of glitz and glam!

The Skunk is a new season 6 costume that HollywoodLife can EXCLUSIVELY reveal, and we have your first look at the sassy Skunk! Skunk is dressed in a glitzy black velvet gown with white fur accents.

The Masked Singer New Season 6 Costume Meet The Hellip
An exclusive look at the new season 6 costume — the Skunk! (FOX)

This season, the Skunk is up against some stiff opposition. Dalmatian, Cupcake, Hamster, Mallard, Queen of Hearts, Bull, Beach Ball, Baby, Octopus, and Jester are among the previously announced outfits. The Masked Singer continues to push the boundaries of costume design.

Season 6 introduces a number of fresh twists and changes to the series. The competitors will be split into two groups (A and B), with each group competing until only one person remains. The Group A and Group B finalists will then square off in a mask-to-mask duel in the championship decider.

In season 6, The Masked Singer will also debut the Take It Off buzzer. If the panelists — Ken Jeong, Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, or Nicole Scherzinger — are confident that they know who the person on stage is, they can hit at any point during each group’s run.

If they are correct, the celebrity must instantly unmask and withdraw from the tournament. If they’re wrong, the celebrity won’t reveal himself, and the panelist will lose the Golden Ear Trophy.

Season 6 participants have received a total of 85 Grammy nominations and 27 wins, as well as three Academy Award nominations, 12 Emmy nominations, 12 Razzie Award nominations, two Super Bowl appearances, and two Lifetime Achievement Awards. This season’s contestants are stacked!

The Masked Singer New Season 6 Costume Meet The Hellip

The Masked Singer crew: Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Nick Cannon, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Thicke. (FOX)

On September 22 and 23, at 8 p.m. on FOX, The Masked Singer returns for a two-night premiere extravaganza! After the FOX NFL Sunday doubleheader at 8 p.m. on September 12, you can enjoy a 30-minute sneak peek of the new season, featuring the final costume reveal.

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