The Fourth U.S. Wave of COVID-19 Could Be Ebbing.

The Fourth U.s. Wave Of Covid-19 Could Be Ebbing. The...

President Joe Biden’s declaration on Thursday that COVID-19 immunizations or at the very least required weekly testing will be widely expanded is likely a hint that the government sees the writing on the wall.

Despite uncertain but optimistic evidence that the fourth wave of COVID-19 cases in the United States, which began in the early days of summer, was fading, the fifth wave will be catastrophically worse unless drastic actions are taken.

The new rules are expected to touch almost 100 million individuals, including the majority of federal employees and a large number of private-sector workers, many of whom are already vaccinated.
According to TIME’s study of daily numbers from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this would mostly effect working-age citizens (ages 18-64), who currently number over 200 million and of whom 59.8% are vaccinated.
More than 80 million people are still unvaccinated, despite the fact that the White House instructions will only cover a minority of them.

What will happen this fall and winter, when children are back in school and Americans travel for the holidays once more? Despite the CDC’s dire cautions that people stay home for the holidays last year, they mainly did not, resulting in the third rise in cases, which eclipsed the first two.

That doesn’t bode good for Christmas 2021, especially because seven states have already eclipsed their prior high in cases in this fourth wave (with another four doing almost as badly):

We may see a little increase in travel over the Labor Day weekend in the coming days, but the true test will come in about two months—still far too soon. The holidays have a habit of sneaking up on us. Many millions of Americans could benefit from a booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine, albeit this will be insufficient protection for individuals who have yet to receive their first dose.

The possibility that an increase in cases could persuade more unvaccinated Americans to rethink their minds was first optimistic, but it did not last. If the fourth wave fades significantly, a fifth wave may be required to persuade a significantly larger number of people.

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