‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant’ Recap: Kayla Sessler Gets A…


During the Sept. 7 season debut of ‘Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant,’ Kayla celebrated Izaiah’s third birthday, but a surprise guest left everyone stunned.

The moms of Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant are back for a new season, and the debut on September 7 was a big hit. Especially now that Madisen Beith from 16 & Pregnant has joined the cast. But first, let’s catch up with the other girls before we get into Madisen’s narrative.

Rachel Beaver reconnected with Hazelee’s father, Drew, recently. He claimed he wanted to get clean and reconnect with his daughter, but Rachel’s mother suspected he had other motivations, such as pursuing Rachel in a romantic relationship. Rachel didn’t think so, and she defended Drew, but when she subsequently learned that Drew had been detained, she found it more difficult to support him. Rachel stated that it is her responsibility to assist Drew, but Rachel’s mother stated that the only one who can save Drew is Drew himself. At the very least, everybody agreed that he requires treatment.

While celebrating Izaiah’s 3rd birthday, an unexpected visitor catches @kayla_sessler and her family off guard. 😮

Don’t miss the season premiere of Teen Mom: #YoungandPregnant TONIGHT at 9/8c on @MTV! 🤰🍼 pic.twitter.com/v1NDObNJgK

— Teen Mom (@TeenMom) September 7, 2021

Meanwhile, Brianna Jaramillo and her mother were at odds over Brianna’s new acquaintance, Ashley. And no, Ashley is not Brianna’s new lover. Brianna met Ashley at work after a string of failed romances, and the two became good friends. Brianna spends a lot of time at Ashley and her husband’s house because they have five children. Her son has built-in playdates with Ashley’s kids, and she has a companion. Brianna’s mother isn’t fond of the scenario, even if it appears to be a nice one. She even accused Brianna of continuously abandoning her in favor of Ashley. Brianna, on the other hand, believed her mother was acting irrationally, and she threatened to relocate to another place to be away from her mother.

Izaiah’s third birthday was later honored by Kayla Sessler. She invited some of her friends and relatives to her mother’s house to celebrate, but no one knew what to say when Stephan offered a gift. Stephan’s friend handed out the gift and then inquired about Kayla and Luke’s refusal to allow Stephan to visit his baby. They said Stephan hasn’t been acting like a parent and that they haven’t done anything wrong, but a buddy disagreed. Things became a little heated, but Kayla and Luke headed back inside before things got too heated.

New mama @madisenbeith is not going to let anything get in her and baby Camille’s way. 😌 Watch it all unfold when Teen Mom: #YoungandPregnant returns TOMORROW at 9/8c on @mtv. ✨ pic.twitter.com/N3HXKn6m8S

— Teen Mom (@TeenMom) September 6, 2021

Madisen’s boyfriend Christian cheated on her, but this week he tried to win her back. Madisen told him they’d never be together again, but he didn’t seem to believe her. Her father had to interfere, and she cried. She also expressed a desire to live on her own, but her father warned her that it would be difficult.

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