Tamar Braxton’s Ex-Husband Vince Accused Of FRAUD &…


According to MTO News, Tamar Braxton’s ex-husband Vince Hebert is being sued by a Beverly Hills jeweler who alleges Vince is a scammer and has bounced a large check on them.

The jeweler, Greene & Co., claims that Vince contacted them in December 2018 and wanted them to build seven separate pieces for him, according to the lawsuit.

The agreement was signed on May 19, 2019. Vince lied about his financial worth, including his capacity to “pay for the jewels, his career, and his role in the music industry,” according to Greene & Co.

They accuse Braxton’s ex of “knowingly” fabricating false statements in order to get the corporation to grant him a credit line. They accepted a partial payment check from Vince and agreed to allow him take possession of the pieces before “the invoice was paid in full.”

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Vince is said to have given them a $20,000 check in exchange for his custom-made jewelry. They allege, however, that when they went to the bank to cash the cheque, it bounced.

“Immediately, via text messages with the Defendant, Plaintiffs informed the Defendant that the check was returned for insufficient funds and requested when the $20,000.00 and remaining balance of the invoice will be paid in full,” according to the complaint.

Tamar Braxton 039 S Ex Husband Vince Accused Of Fraud Amp

When the jeweler asked Herbert when he would pay his debt, he allegedly made “false promises and guarantees,” constantly claiming that the money “was being put into Plaintiffs’ account” or that he would meet with them to pay his sum due. Defendant never made a payment.”

The lawsuit’s details were first made public by Radar Online, which received the legal paperwork.

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