Sunny Hostin & Ana Navarro Abruptly Leave ‘The View’ Set…


Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, co-hosts of ‘The View,’ were ordered to leave the Hot Topics table after testing positive for COVID minutes before VP Kamala Harris was scheduled to appear for an interview.

Sunny Hostin, 52, and Ana Navarro, 49, co-hosts of The View, were forced to leave the set of the daytime talk program on Friday’s live edition after testing positive for COVID.

The two ladies were seated at the Hot Topics table with fellow co-hosts Joy Behar, 78, and Sara Haines, 44, ahead of their discussion with Vice President Kamala Harris, 56, when producers abruptly forced both of them to leave.

Sunny and Ana were obviously surprised as they went off set when executive producer Brian Telta said, “I need the two of you to go off for a second.”

Joy asked producers if she could introduce Kamala for the following part after Brian assured the ladies, “We’re going to bring you back later.” They first said yes to Joy, but then changed their minds, and the broadcast went to commercial. When the show returned, Joy gave an explanation for Sunny and Ana’s abrupt exits.

“What occurred was that both Sunny and Ana tested positive for COVID. These things happen no matter how hard we try,” Joy explained. “They most likely have a breakthrough case, but I’m confident they’ll be fine because they’re both vaccinated.” Kamala did not appear on stage due to a health issue, but she did chat with Joy and Sara via remote call from backstage on set. Whoopi Goldberg, 65, was absent from Friday’s program.

Sunny Hostin Amp Ana Navarro Abruptly Leave The View Set Hellip

Sunny Hostin & Ana Navarro

Following Meghan McCain’s departure, Season 25 of The View debuted on Sept. 7 with a rotating cast of conservative ladies as co-hosts. Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and a presidential contender, Mia Love, the former Republican Congresswoman from Utah, and writer Mary Katharine Ham have all featured on the show so far. Ana, on the other hand, has continued to appear on the show as a weekly guest co-host.

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