Suffering from cracked hands? Here’s how to fix it

Suffering from cracked hands? Here’s how to fix it

Winter is in full swing, and with the chilly, dry climate comes cracks in
your pores and skin. Frigid temperatures coupled with a scarcity of moisture within the air
be a part of forces to wreak havoc in your arms.

Medically talking, dry pores and skin is called

xerosis. As you age, your pores and skin naturally turns into drier, however the winter months are
particularly unkind to your arms, no matter age. When humidity ranges
drop each in and out, there’s much less moisture within the air to preserve your
pores and skin hydrated. Many individuals additionally wash their arms extra usually throughout

chilly and flu season

in an try to fight germs, which may strip the pores and skin of naturally
moisturizing oils. In some circumstances, dryness can get so unhealthy that your arms
will crack, peel, and even bleed.

If you endure from cracked arms within the wintertime, these treatments can
give you the aid you so desperately want:


The easiest and most typical method to alleviate the signs of cracked arms
is to

moisturize your pores and skin. This additionally occurs to be one of the best ways to forestall pores and skin dehydration
within the first place. However, if dryness has already set in, your greatest wager
is to go for a heavy-duty hand cream. Like lotion, pores and skin cream incorporates a
mixture of oil and water, however the ratio of oil to water is increased in
lotions, making them higher suited to combating excessive dryness.

Whether you favor a lotion or cream, the secret’s to apply your moisturizer
of selection ceaselessly all through the day — a single utility won’t do
the trick. In truth, one utility solely provides sufficient aid and

for about 5 minutes. Five or six functions a day, then again, will lead to
noticeably softer, much less irritated pores and skin.

You can even put your lotion to work as you sleep by investing in a pair of

moisturizing gloves

that you just placed on earlier than mattress and put on via the evening. If you don’t need to
spring for the type that come pre-moisturized, attempt slathering petroleum
jelly (or one other moisturizer wealthy in heavier components like

dimethicone) in your arms earlier than slipping right into a easy pair of cotton gloves at

Use milder cleaning soap

While you’re not going to cease washing your arms, you may keep away from drying
out your pores and skin by utilizing a light cleaning soap. It can also be advisable to use heat fairly
than scorching water, patting your arms dry gently and instantly following up
with moisturizer.

Wear gloves outdoors

Investing in a sturdy pair of winter gloves or mittens will significantly cut back
your probabilities for dryness. While chilly temperatures alone gained’t trigger your
arms to crack, the weather are sometimes accountable for aggravating dry,
dehydrated pores and skin.

Your arms don’t have to fall sufferer to the tough circumstances of winter.
Making a number of easy adjustments to your each day routine will help preserve chapped
pores and skin at bay year-round.

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