Stephen Amell, 40, Claps Back After Critic Says He Looks…


The ‘Arrow’ star made sure haters who mocked his appearance understood he was still in great shape, and he could prove it!

Oliver Queen is not to be trifled with! After he posted a gorgeous shirtless selfie to Instagram on Saturday, September 25, Stephen Amell had some choice words for those who mocked him.

On Sunday, September 26, the 40-year-old Arrow actor published a cheeky clap back to naysayers on his Facebook page, noting that he couldn’t be in better form, even if some people believed otherwise.

The actor from Heels had shared a shirtless photo on Instagram, and he looked fantastic. In his kitchen, he was dressed in pink short-shorts and flip flops, sipping coffee and holding a copy of Gary Janetti’s book Do You Mind If I Cancel? “Have a wonderful Saturday.

Put on a pair of pink shorts and start reading Gary’s book. But only if you want to improve your intelligence,” he added in the post.

Stephen Amell 40 Claps Back After Critic Says He Looks Hellip

Stephen Amell, 40, had the perfect response to haters who trolled his shirtless photos.

Despite the fact that Stephen looked incredible in the shot, a few individuals must have said something negative about him, implying that he didn’t look like he did in the marketing photos for Arrow’s first season. “I’m 6’1 inches tall and weigh 208 pounds.

I’m in fantastic shape and as tough as nails. He wrote, “I’m a 24-hour juice cleanse away from blowing the season 1 Arrow poster out of the water.” “That poster was photographed by us a little over 9 years ago. I’ll try to remember to flex the next time I share a photo in my bright pink skivvies!”

Anyone who still thinks he looks “out of shape” in the shot was challenged by the actor. “If that isn’t enough, please provide me your address. At the end of the post, he playfully clapped back, “I’ll show there to steal your boyfriend or girlfriend.”

The actor also appeared undeterred by trolling comments, as he shared a photo of himself and his wife Cassandra Jean posing and making funny expressions while attending a Los Angeles Rams NFL game the next day on Instagram.

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