Sonya Curry In Negotiations To Join REAL HOUSEWIVES OF…


Steph Curry’s mom Sonya Curry is hoping to turn into a reality star, MTO News has learned. We talked with a Bravo chief who reveals to us that Sonya’s representative contacted the organization, and they are in converses with bring Steph’s mom into the Real Housewives establishment.

What’s more, as indicated by MTO’s nark, Sonya might wind up on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as right on time as next season.

The Bravo chief clarified, “Sonya has needed to be a reality star for quite a long time. She and Dell several shows to [Bravo].”

Yet, as indicated by MTO News’ insider, Bravo passed on every one of the shows that Sonya pitched to the NBC Universal claimed network. The leader proceeded, “Their thoughts were exhausting, and [Sonyas now ex-husband] Dell didn’t need any fervor or dramatization in the show.”

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In any case, since Sonya’s single – she’s assuming responsibility for her life and is evidently setting out on another vocation before the camera – MTO News is hearing reports that Sonya is supposedly open to joining the Real Housewives series.

“We’re working on getting her on the Beverly Hills [Housewives]. Nothings marked at this point, however, I think she’ll be a piece of next season’s cast,” Bravo’s insider certainly disclosed to MTO News.

Sonya’s expansion to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – if Bravo can pull it off – ought to be an evaluations treasure trove for the show. The appraisals for every one of the Housewives establishments has dropped as of late – except for the Beverly Hills series.

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