Serena Williams & Her Daughter Olympia, 4, Make A Yummy…


Serena Williams, 39, is teaching her four-year-old daughter Olympia to bake. On Sept. 5, the tennis champion posted an Instagram video of herself and the toddler wearing white tops and pink skirts while standing in a kitchen preparing a multicolored cake.
The pleased mother asks her little kid what she’s cooking in the video, and she enthusiastically says, “rainbow cake,” while mixing the ingredients in a bowl.

“Rainbow cake?” you might wonder. Serena says, “I thought it was sprinkle cake,” before instructing her mini me to add extra milk.

Olympia exclaims, “Sorry,” as she pours in a bit too much batter, and her mother comes to the rescue by adding more flour to smooth the batter out. After that, Olympia swallows a scoop of sprinkles before gently correcting Serena when she presented them as “bakers Olympia and Serena.”

“Mama!” “Olympia and Mama!” she responds before the athlete, then corrects herself and repeats.


Serena Williams Amp Her Daughter Olympia 4 Make A Yummy
Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia during a previous event.

The video received a lot of positive feedback from viewers who enjoy the mother-daughter duo’s baking time. One fan said, “Love how she insists on Mama! Beautiful family Serena,” while another concurred, “The girl is incredibly bright to have insisted on Mama instead than Serena.” “I adore how down-to-earth she is growing up,” said a third, while others left smiley face emojis.

Serena made headlines before her recent cake-baking video when she uploaded a humorous video of Olympia almost firing her during a piano lesson. It happened when the overprotective parent accidentally hit the wrong key when they were playing together, prompting her to joke, “Are you going to fire me?” Olympia, for the most part, seemed unconcerned.

Serena Williams, who is teaching her daughter a variety of skills, including tennis, captioned the video, “I teach her tennis… Along with a racquet and tennis ball emoji, as well as a piano emoji, she teaches me piano.

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