Sen. Amy Klobuchar Reveals Secret Battle With Breast Cancer


In a blog post, the Minnesota Democratic senator discussed her diagnosis and following treatment. Senator Amy Klobuchar expressed gratitude to all of her doctors for their assistance during this tough period.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, 61, of Minnesota, revealed her battle with breast cancer in a Medium article on September 9th. After Mayo Clinic doctors discovered white spots in her breast in February, the Democratic former presidential candidate informed her supporters and voters that she had been diagnosed with stage 1A breast cancer.

Klobuchar revealed that she had a lumpectomy to remove the cancer and then received radiation to treat it, which she completed in May. “It was determined in August that the treatment went well after several follow-up visits,” she wrote. Of course, a cancer diagnosis is a life-threatening situation, but the senator stated that her doctors believe the treatment is effective. “Of course, this has been frightening at times, because cancer is a word that we all fear,” she continued, “but my physicians believe that my chances of acquiring cancer again are no higher than the typical person.”

Sen Amy Klobuchar Reveals Secret Battle With Breast Cancer
Klobuchar, 61, revealed that she was diagnosed with breast cancer in February.

The senator went on to praise the healthcare staff who assisted her during her battle, as well as her husband John Bessler, 53, and daughter Abigail, 26, for being there for her during her cancer battle. “Their support allowed me to continue working on key pandemic and economic legislation with my colleagues while receiving cancer treatment, as well as chairing the joint Senate January 6th investigation and the For the People hearings,” she stated.

In an interview with Good Morning America during the COVID-19 outbreak, Klobuchar revealed that she had pushed off routine checks with her doctors, including mammograms. She informed Robin Roberts that many people may be living with undetected breast cancer as a result of the pandemic’s cancellation of appointments. She also offered two bits of advise to the audience. ”Get those screenings, go in, get a mammogram, and get whatever other health exam you should be getting,” she advised on GMA. “Be thankful for the people in your life.”

Sen Amy Klobuchar Reveals Secret Battle With Breast Cancer

Klobuchar speaks at a For The People rally in August.

Klobuchar closed her blog post by thanking everyone for their support and explaining how the diagnosis had changed her perspective on life. “As is common with anyone coping with illness, this experience allowed me to think on my own life and the lives of those I care about. It also gave my work a fresh lease on life. “I am eternally grateful to my family, friends, colleagues, and Minnesotans, and I recognize that each day is a gift,” she wrote.

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