Selena Gomez Reveals Wild New Ear Piercing While Out With…


In a TokTok video posted by two of her friends, the “Hands to Myself” singer flaunted her new helix piercing.

During a recent night out with friends, Selena Gomez, 29, wound up at a body piercing shop — and she didn’t leave without a new accessory.

Selena’s adventure was documented in a TikTok video released by her girlfriends Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad via their account GirlPool on Sept. 14, and if the tape indicates anything, it’s that she and her companions had a wild night.

The party was supposed to travel to the mall’s Build-A-Bear shop, but things didn’t go as planned, and they ended up at a piercing shop, where Selena got a new ear piercing.

@girlpooolReply to @savltay we tried to go to build a bear but couldn’t find it at the galleria so we went and got piercings instead♬ original sound – girlpool

Selena first appeared in the footage around the 36-second mark of the minute-long clip. She was wearing a fashionable outfit and a pink mask while she conversed with a piercing shop staffer and one of her male pals, who appeared to be considering getting a belly button piercing. The video then cut to the singer of “Sober” having a piercing on her left ear while seated in a chair. Selena took a selfie with the staffer thereafter.

Selena momentarily flashed her new piercing to the camera as she and her pals exited the shop. Selena said, pulling back her hair to show off her silver helix piercing, “Got something right here.” What a wild night that was!

Selena Gomez Reveals Wild New Ear Piercing While Out With Hellip
Selena Gomez arrives at ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ in New York City on Sept. 7, 2021 

Selena Gomez’s appearance has changed dramatically in recent months. In April, the star of Only Murders in the Building startled her fans by changing her hair color to blonde. Selena has since returned to her brunette haircut, however she did declare on Vogue’s Beauty Secrets on September 7 that she “had the finest time” when she went blonde.

Selena admitted, “I believe I’m definitely more of a character when I’m blond.”

“I felt like I could experiment with different hairstyles and makeup appearances. It was just a lot of fun. I suppose it was difficult to keep up with for a while, but… I felt so cool and edgy.”

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