‘Say Yes To The Dress’ Preview: Randy Surprises Everyone When…


Randy has returned! In this EXCLUSIVE peek of ‘Say Yes To The Dress,’ the one and only Randy Fenoli makes a triumphant return to the store.

When Randy Fenoli returns to Kleinfeld, things are finally getting back to normal! In this EXCLUSIVE peek of the September 18 episode of Say Yes To The Dress, he makes a surprise visit to the store with his pet dog Chewy.

Chewy quickly makes himself at home in Kleinfeld. Dorothy, the director of sales and merchandising, and Ronni, the co-owner, are found by Chewy. Dorothy and Ronni make their way to Randy immediately.

Say Yes To The Dress Preview Randy Surprises Everyone When Hellip

Randy hugs one of the Kleinfeld consultants.

They’ve all reunited in one joyful place. “I’ve been released from COVID prison!” Randy makes a declaration. Randy’s visit is only known by Dorothy and Ronni. He’s back, and the brides and consultants have no idea. Randy is eager to return to his old job in person.

Randy tells everyone after the happy reunion, “It’s so fantastic to be back, to be able to hug people, to be able to do what I love in person, to be out of the house.” “I’m so glad you’re here,” Dorothy tells him. “Me, too,” Randy says cheerfully.

Randy explained why he was unable to visit the New York City store for the bulk of the season on Twitter. In July 2021, he wrote to a fan, “Because of COVID restrictions, I couldn’t fly to NYC, was rebuilding my home, and taking care of my Mom.”

Randy assisted a bride in virtually finding a last-minute gown earlier in the season. Randy was able to deliver important counsel to brides despite the fact that he was piping in through video. After all, he is Randy Fenoli! He’ll always be there for the bride, no matter what it takes.

During the pandemic, Randy has been consulting from his home. In a previous episode of Say Yes To The Dress, Randy noted, “Our daily routine now [is] entering into meetings and performing appointments virtually.” “The first thing I do on a Say Yes shoot day is check in with my crew.”

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