Savanna Leigh Blows Off A ‘Toxic’ Friend While Bringing The…


Pop singer Savanna Leigh ditches a two-faced “friend” in a song video about “energy,” “positivity,” and “having fun” with a group of actual besties at her side.

Savanna Leigh’s “Bubblegum” video begins with a smile, as she marvels at the bubble she’s just blown, and the joy doesn’t stop there. Savanna is too busy to be sad, despite singing about a “sh-t talking” ex-friend who keeps Savanna’s name “on [her] tongue like you’re chewing on bubble gum.”

Instead, she’s having the fun of her life, dancing in the streets, riding a pink-stamped skateboard, and hanging out with actual people. Rather than being depressed by this one buddy and “all the lies you’d tell,” she’s concentrating on her true buddies. “Puttin’ all your gals down / left you alone now / karma come back to bite you.”

Savanna says HollywoodLife, “‘Bubblegum’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written.” “I enjoy the energizing effect it has. This was the last song written for the [changes] EP and came together swiftly. Although this song is about a specific scenario in my personal life with an old buddy, I believe the message is quite universal.

I’m sure we’ve all had a poisonous best friend at some point. [laughs] The music video features several of my close friends from home, and it was a lot of fun to shoot. It was the easiest video shoot I’ve ever done, and we wanted it to feel natural. We were simply chilling and having a good time as a group of girls!”

Savanna Leigh Blows Off A Toxic Friend While Bringing The Hellip


While “Bubblegum” is all about having a good time, Savanna is serious about her music career. Savanna learnt the ins and outs of the industry from her father, independent country singer Glenn Cummings, while she grew up in Brandon, Florida.

Savanna’s mother owned a local production company, which influenced her enthusiasm for the arts. She would dabble in stage and theatre with her mother when she wasn’t traveling with her father on his tour van or visiting Nashville during his recording sessions. Her initial excursion into the music industry was as a member of a country-pop duo with her sister Lexanna, but she’s now ready to go alone.

When Savanna releases her debut EP, Transitions, fans will receive their first major introduction to her. It’s “by far the most personal [piece] I’ve ever made,” Savanna adds, “since each song is personalized to my story.” Each one depicts a particular event or emotion that I’ve had over the last three years.” The EP will chart her progress, from singing with her sister to traveling with her father to relocating to Nashville to pursue music full-time when she was 18 years old.

Savanna Leigh Blows Off A Toxic Friend While Bringing The Hellip


Savanna Leigh Blows Off A Toxic Friend While Bringing The Hellip


Despite the fact that the music is closely related to her story, she hopes that the universal concepts in the songs can assist others in their journeys. According to a press release, she says, “I never want to stop writing music that is authentic, honest, and helps people feel understood and valued.”

“I hope this effort captures whatever feelings people may not be able to articulate. My songs should serve as a reminder to individuals that they are not alone, and that music is indeed a universal language.”

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