Sarah and the Sundays team up with Eliza Taylor…


A five-piece from Texas The whimiscal video for “Vices” is shared by Sarah and the Sundays. It’s taken from their next album The Living End, and it promises a lot of feelgood introspection, with Netflix’s The 100 actress Eliza Taylor starring in the video.

The single “Vices” demonstrates the band’s indie-rock skill. Its jangly indie guitars thrive in their own surroundings, while the languid vocals give a smooth haze while balancing the awareness that someone who used to mean the world to you is no longer a part of your life.

This lyrics demonstrates the band’s songwriting’s maturity, a characteristic that makes it sympathetic without being cliched. According to the band, the graphics “follow a guy on his journey to reconnect with a lost love.” “Because the song has so many levels, coming up with a story for the video was a thought-provoking and thrilling process.”

With this film, Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin in The 100) also shows off her directing abilities. “While lyrically Vices is a mournful song about heartbreak, it has a joyful and energetic vibe,” Taylor said of her directing debut. In this film, we wanted to acknowledge that juxtaposition while portraying a true narrative.

We wanted to do more than simply a music video; we wanted to construct a short film about love lost and hope. I’m overjoyed with the final product, especially because this is my directing debut in the music industry.”

With this song, Sarah and the Sundays are on a soaring trajectory into indie goodness, channeling the melancholy tones of Drowners while also injecting their own unique flavor. We have high hopes for this five-piece; their sound is both invigorating and reassuring, reminding us of the calm indie tones we can all rely on from time to time. Like an old buddy who always knows precisely what to say. Sarah and the Sundays are a welcome addition to the indie scene.

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